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  • Getting to the root of corruption in education

    Adam Graycar


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    Remote monitoring exams : HEC records students eye movements


    - France Info

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the HEC business school has introduced an online monitoring system for exams that detects the slightest move and tracks down suspected cheaters. The National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties, seized by students from several higher education institutions, will ensure the legality of these virtual monitors.

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    Remote surveillance and handwritten tests for online exams without cheating


    Pilar Rodríguez Veiga - Explica

    To guarantee the academic integrity and legitimacy of the evaluations and exams during the health crisis of COVID-19, Madrid Complutense University was able to take advantage of their existing remote digital media. To avoid fraud, the identity of students during oral exams is verified using video-conferencing tools, and access codes are personal and non-transferable. This is done under the oversight of the Computer Services department. For handwritten tests, students send a scanned handwritten text to the University Virtual Campus.

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    Ex-Cleveland clinic researcher arrested, charged with wire fraud


    John Commins - Health Leaders

    The Department of Justice reports that a former Cleveland Clinic Foundation researcher has been arrested and charged with wire fraud and false claims for allegedly failing to disclose funds he received from the Chinese government while simultaneously accepting more than $3.6 million in funding from the National Institute of Health.

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    Online examinations: when cheating becomes the norm


    Whally Bordas - Le Figaro étudiant

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most universities have decided to implement remote mid-term exams, but this is causing great difficulties for educational bodies that are unable to neutralize the great number of cheaters. From Google use to classmates who publish half of the answers on Facebook, students all over France are publicly bragging about cheating during exams.

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    Boston University investigates cheating scandal


    Matthew Wright - Daily Mail

    Boston University is investigating cheating after chemistry and physics students used the Chegg tutoring service to ask questions and get answers to online quizzes and exams. The university expects students to continue to behave ethically through remote learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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