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    Teacher accused of giving answers to test says she didn't do anything wrong


    Miya Shay - Abc news

    The Livingston High School Academy fired a lead teacher and a principal had resigned after allegations of cheating and fraud. A recent audit revealed admission and academic policy violations. The accused teacher cultivated academic dishonesty in her classroom by providing binders with test questions and answers for students to use when completing assignments and examinations.

  • Newspaper

    US-bound students being hit by rampant agent fraud in Vietnam

    Viet Nam

    Viggo Stacey - The Pie News

    There is a massive fraud going on in Vietnam with education agents charging $5,000-10,000 upfront from the families for scholarships to US institutions. Larger agencies are more specialized in helping students gain admission to “highly selective colleges and universities”, with packages that include assistance with writing essays, completing them on behalf of students and other services, including creating extracurricular activities that their clients can add to their application.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption watchdog investigating continuing education fraud


    - Macau News Agency

    Officials of a local education center and 200 Macau residents are accused of fraud, document forgery, and computer forgery. The Anti-Corruption Commission reported that residents enrolled in courses subsidized by the Education and Youth Bureau never attended the courses, simply providing their personal identification data to the education center and receiving, in exchange, 2,000 to 2,500 MOPs in cash.

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    The usurpation of exam results is a recurring scandal in China


    Zhang Zhulin - Courrier International

    In two years, nearly 250 students in one Chinese province have been stripped of their university entrance exam results. Despite her excellent grades, a high school student in Shandong province failed twice her gaokao, the national entrance exam to a public university. Her failure was in fact due to the usurpation of her identity and positive results by the daughter of one of her high school teachers.

  • New online course on transparency and anti-corruption


    IIEP will organize a new online course on “Transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education” from 21 September to 6 November 2020.

  • Newspaper

    Fraud of quota system


    Edwin Azuka - The Nation

    Despite the growth of academic institutions in Nigeria, the Federal and State Governments have failed to meet the increasing demand for university and polytechnic education, resulting in the adoption of a quota system. This practice, structured on favouritism towards indigenes of a particular state over others, has led many denied admission seekers to commit fraud. Meanwhile, federal institutions in some areas are under-enrolled and others over-crowded, resulting in misuse and over-use of resources.

  • Newspaper

    Why is our school admission process plagued with fraud


    Varun Mirchandani - India Today

    School admissions in Delhi follow a point system based on the guidelines laid out by the Department of Education: proximity of school from the residence, presence of older siblings studying in the same school, etc. In order to ensure admission of their children into Delhi’s leading private schools, parents commit blatant forgery and fraud. The government has therefore put in place new tools to make the admission procedure more transparent.

  • Combating corruption in higher education in Uzbekistan


    Uzbekistan has undertaken significant legal and institutional reforms to combat corruption in recent years. Among these, is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № UP-5729 "On measures to further improve the anti-corruption system in the Republic of Uzbekistan" adopted on May 27, 2019.

  • Newspaper

    Top private university’s admissions irregularities exposed

    Korea R

    Aimee Chung - University World News

    An audit conducted at Yonsei University In Seoul revealed 86 cases of irregularities including unfair admissions, evaluations, and recruitment issues, as well as allegations of misappropriation of university funds by professors who used the university ‘corporate cards’ to pay for nightclub entertainment and golf. Twenty-six staff and faculty members are subject to disciplinary action, and eight cases have been filed for violations of regulations including allegations of misconduct or embezzlement and violations of private school laws.

  • Newspaper

    China to criminalise college exam fraud after identity thefts


    Helen Davidson - The Guardian

    Between 1999 and 2006, 242 graduates in the Eastern Shandong province enrolled at universities using other people’s identities and college entrance scores. According to reports, dozens of people have been punished, but under existing laws, students cannot be charged with a crime. The National People’s Congress has received a proposal to criminalize exam fraud, and the Ministry of Education will work with authorities to investigate and hold students accountable.

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