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    Ghost workers discovered In Borno


    - Tribune

    About 22,556 ghost workers were discovered in local government pay system in Borno after two verifications exercises on local government staff and primary teachers. Reports show that N183.6m has been recovered in bogus teacher’s salary while N237m from ghost local government staff. The total number of primary school teachers in the 27 local government areas was 26,450 before the verification, however, 2, 204 did not appear before the committee.

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    Former exam administrator gets probation in bribery scheme


    - WTOP

    A former administrator from Houston Independent School District was sentenced to one year of probation for her involvement in the admission scandal that ensnared wealthy parents across the country. She was accused of taking bribes from the admission consultant at the center of the scheme in exchange for allowing someone to sit exams on behalf of their clients ‘children or correct their answers. 50 more people were arrested last year in the scheme, in which authorities say undeserving kids were admitted to top universities with bogus athletic credentials or fake test scores.

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    Legislators have plan to combat ‘Varsity Blues’ UC admissions fraud scandal


    David Taure - Gvwire

    The University of California system inappropriately admitted 64 wealthy and well-connected students as favors to donors, family, and friends and denied applicants that are more qualified an equal opportunity to education. 55 people were charged with bribery and fraud to secure admission included faking credentials of student-athletes.

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    State audit finds evidence of potential fraud in El Rancho bond program


    Bradeley Bermont - Whittier Daily News

    State auditors report fraud, misappropriation of funds, assets, and other illegal fiscal practices under the El Rancho Unified School District’s bond program. Between from May 2015 and February 2019, investigators say there were two problems in the way the district hired contractors: the Board of Education was overinvolved and the public under-informed, and the hiring process lacked transparency and was tinged with corruption.

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    Distance learning mid-term exams: “It is too easy, everyone cheats”


    Wally Bordas - Le Figaro étudiant

    A recent survey reveals that large numbers of students use “little tricks” in order to achieve good results during online exams. Cheating techniques include sticking cards behind the computer or on the walls during video oral exams, to sharing their answers in groups on social networks. Due to financial constraints, many universities have not been able to implement video surveillance systems to prevent students from cheating.

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    NavaED owners indicted for stealing Florida education certification test answers


    Jada Williams - ABC 27

    Two teachers are accused of using their test prep business to help people cheat on the state's teacher certification exams. The charges include 108 counts of wire fraud and three counts of theft of trade secrets. According to the US Attorney’s office, the couple took the Florida Education Leadership Exam and Florida Teacher Certification Exams several times, and along with other employees memorized the questions and answers in order to design a study guide.

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    Systems critical amid COVID-19 academic corruption

    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    Academic corruption linked to the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the urgency of strengthening transparency and accountability in African universities. Such corruption includes research malpractice, questionable research management, mismanagement of research funds and procurement fraud. Several university officials bypassed public procurement procedures for the purchase of materials and equipment for coronavirus research. 33 papers were identified as unsuitable for public use and either retracted, withdrawn, or noted with concern.

  • IIEP panel on open school data at the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)


    On December 3, as part of the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), IIEP organized a panel on “Open School Data for SDG: Does It Help Reduce Corruption in Education?” The session registered over 100 participants from countries across the world, including Brazil, Georgia, Romania, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Singapore, and France, among others.

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    Sarasota County School District falsified records and wrongfully placed numerous students in special needs program


    Jessica Ward - ABC News

    The Florida Department of Education revealed that the Sarasota County School District falsified records and placed students on alternate assessment to avoid state testing or accountability in order to benefit financially. Investigators found that 27 of 66 sampled students’ files did not include sufficient documentation to demonstrate that they were placed correctly.

  • E4J: The importance of teacher codes of conduct in teaching the rule of law


    For over 15 years, IIEP has been promoting the use of Teacher Codes of Conduct in the fight against corruption in education systems worldwide. This was the subject of a recent workshop given during the Education Justice (E4J ) Global Dialogue Series.

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