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    NavaED owners indicted for stealing Florida education certification test answers


    Jada Williams - ABC 27

    Two teachers are accused of using their test prep business to help people cheat on the state's teacher certification exams. The charges include 108 counts of wire fraud and three counts of theft of trade secrets. According to the US Attorney’s office, the couple took the Florida Education Leadership Exam and Florida Teacher Certification Exams several times, and along with other employees memorized the questions and answers in order to design a study guide.

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    Code of conduct critical to enhancing teacher accountability in Malawi


    - Devidiscourse

    To enhance teacher’s standards and accountability in education systems, Malawi’s Ministry of Education is developing its teachers’ policy, including the Teachers Code of Conduct (COC) with the support from UNESCO’s Norwegian Teacher Initiative. The CoC will include teachers from Teacher Training Colleges and should denounce corporal punishment.

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    Sarasota County School District falsified records and wrongfully placed numerous students in special needs program


    Jessica Ward - ABC News

    The Florida Department of Education revealed that the Sarasota County School District falsified records and placed students on alternate assessment to avoid state testing or accountability in order to benefit financially. Investigators found that 27 of 66 sampled students’ files did not include sufficient documentation to demonstrate that they were placed correctly.

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    Academic integrity suffers in the age of COVID-19, distance learning


    Julia Herlyn - Inklings News

    A study conducted by Visual Objects revealed that 52% of students anticipate widespread cheating and breaches of academic integrity while experiencing distance learning. Upholding academic standards have been replaced with an unethical pursuit of higher grades at the cost of true education and personal character. At Staples High School, for example, teachers may give the same test to students – with half of the class in person, and the other half participating via Zoom. When assessments are announced, many online students use various tools to cheat on tests. Photomath, a popular mobile app that completes math problems by scanning photos, has experienced heightened usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • New IIEP online course on corruption in education


    September 2020 marked the launch of the IIEP-UNESCO online course on ‘Transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures in education’. Building on IIEP’s research and training activities in the area of corruption in education, this new course aims to bring together different education stakeholders to learn and exchange on practices of corruption, and strategies to address them in different education domains. This online course is organized as part of the Institute’s programme on Ethics and Corruption in Education.

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    Nepotism, fraud, waste, and cheating ... welcome to England's school system


    Liz Lightfoot - The Guardian

    A Nottingham teacher has collected 3,800 reports on corruption in the international school system that deal with nepotism, fraud, and cheating. In England, they highlight structural "reform", with its waste of money on free schools that never open, the horrific ongoing costs of successive Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs), and the way schools are pitched against each other to survive. Examples include an academy boss telling teachers to cheat on exams and the widespread relocation of students to improve school performance.

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    The former head of Missouri charter school pleads guilty to a $2.4 million fraud scheme


    - KTTN News

    The founder and director of the St. Louis College Prep Charter School pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud connected to a scheme to defraud and obtain education funds from the State of Missouri. From 2011 through 2018, he inflated student attendance numbers by falsely claiming regular school days and hours as summer school or remedial hours, siphoning $2,400,000 from a finite pool of education dollars.

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    Fraud delays release of schools cash


    Faith Nyamai & David Muchunguh - Nation

    A number of school heads planned to defraud the government by providing lists of non-existing teachers, which delayed the release of the funds to pay teachers and other staff employed by the Boards of Management (BoM). The Minister of Education asked principals to collect and submit the right data of BoM teachers employed including names, the Teachers Service Commission number, and the country they belong to.

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