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    Operators of cheating services face jail under new law


    Geoff Maslen - University World News

    The Minister of Education announced that cheats selling their services to Australian university students would face two years imprisonment or fines of up to AU$100,000. Students who cheat will also be subject to their institutions’ own academic integrity policies and sanctions. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency will be empowered to request legal measures to force internet service providers and search engines to block cheating websites.

  • Promoting integrity in general and Higher Education in Kuwait


    At the invitation of Nazaha, the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, IIEP participated in a capacity-building workshop entitled “Promoting integrity in the education sector”.

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    Surge in international students forcing colleges to step up anti-cheating campaigns


    Heather Rivers - Woodstook Sentinel Review

    After a surge in enrolment of international students, accompanied by a spike in cases of academic misconduct including plagiarism and using prohibited materials on exams, St. Clair College, in Windsor, created the position of academic integrity coordinator. Fanshawe College which had 852 academic offenses in 2016-18, with 907 the flowing year, plans to create a similar position.

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    50 professors decry Murdoch action against whistle-blower


    Geoff Maslen - University World News

    Perth’s Murdoch University and other universities have become heavily reliant on foreign student fees to bolster their incomes. 50 professors from the Australian Research Council’s Laureate Fellowship condemned the decision to take legal action against an associate professor from the university. Deeply concerned about the integrity of academic teaching, the professor complained on television that the university was not only enrolling international students whose English was inadequate but also allow them to graduate.

  • How to integrate ethical dimensions in teaching standards


    On 9 and 10 October 2019, IIEP participated in the Regional Consultation on teaching standards organized by the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030. The purpose of this consultation was for key education stakeholders to review and comment on an “international guidance framework for elaborating national or regional teaching standards to support countries in stepping up their progress on increasing the supply of qualified teachers”.

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    University at Buffalo enforces new academic integrity policy


    Britany Gorny - The Spectrum

    The Office of Academic Integrity opened by the University at Buffalo is a centralized space to help support and advocate for academic integrity. The new policy allows undergraduate students to remediate accusations of academic integrity before permanently placing them on their records through the remediation process. This involves a four-module online course that covers academic integrity is and provides strategies on how to achieve success with honesty.

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    The rise and rise of ghost-written dissertations


    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    Academic corruption exists in doctoral education even though this should reflect the highest standards of academic integrity. Doctoral degrees have become especially popular among politicians, state bureaucrats, civil servants and people seeking employment in academia. An entire market has formed in Ukraine that offers ghostwritten dissertations to order. This market consists of not only individuals but also officially registered firms. If in 2009, there were 16 such firms, by 2016 the number tripled, reaching 46.

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    Andhra University gets ready to use anti-plagiarism tool


    - The Times of India

    Following the University Grants Commission’s regulations for the promotion of academic integrity, Andhra University decided to implement a technology-based mechanism to prevent plagiarism. No thesis with a similarity index above 20% can be submitted. In addition, the students must submit an undertaking stipulating that their work is original.

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    Education minister sets sights on tackling plagiarism, sexual harassment in universities


    Ida Lim - Malaymail

    In an interview with a local daily newspaper, Malaysia’s Education Minister said that efforts are underway to do a large-scale change in the world of academia. A review of the Statuary Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 605 to exclude academics from several rules governing civil servants will be carried out. This involves issues of academic freedom, integrity, plagiarism, and others.

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