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  • Information and transparency: school report cards in sub-Saharan Africa


    A new publication from IIEP-UNESCO investigates the use and impact of school report cards in sub-Saharan Africa as a means to promote transparency and accountability while keeping corruption at bay.

  • Corruption and public spending on education and health

    Existing country and regional studies show that the effect of corruption on public spending on health and education is mixed. This letter reveals that the effect of corruption on health and education spending is significant and non-linear in a panel...

    Swaleheen, Mushfiq, Sami, Mohamed, Temimi, Akram


  • Newspaper

    Graft rife in schools, study finds



    - Bangok Post

    Politicians, senior education officials, headmasters, and businesspeople are taking advantage of their positions to line their pockets with state funds. According to a study, the acts of corruption in Thailand range from the embezzling of state funds, colluding to mark up prices of educational and school construction materials, as well as demanding bribes from parents who want their children to be enrolled in a particular school. Irresponsible officials and school directors steal about 30% of the total budget.

  • Newspaper

    Head of maritime university takes leave in corruption probe



    - Stabroek News

    The president of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) along with the former Minister of Education are being investigated for corruption matters. During a previous Public Administration and Appreciation Committee (PAAC) sitting, the CMU president admitted that over $600,000 were paid towards a yacht party for the minister of education. According to the documents, the east Kingston-based university paid two companies a total of $674,930 to rent and decorate the yacht.

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