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  • Guidelines for the design and effective use of teacher codes of conduct

    These guidelines have been prepared to help countries successfully design a teacher code of conduct (or review an existing one) and put in place the appropriate mechanisms to ensure its proper dissemination, application, and monitoring at all levels...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2019

  • Newspaper

    High Court laments growing corruption among education officials


    Press Trust - Business Standard

    The Madras High Court stressed the need for vigilance and anti-corruption departments to investigate details on properties of teaching and non-teaching staff in government schools. Teachers were observed to be increasingly negligent and undisciplined; they are not attending school in time and leaving before school hours. They are also involved in ’’various other activities unconnected with their teaching profession even in the schools’’.

  • Pre-service teachers' perceptions of teacher morality in China

    This study examines pre-service teachers' perceptions of teacher morality in China. Data were drawn from questionnaires completed by 203 pre-service teachers, descriptive reports by 81 pre-service teachers, and semi-structured interviews with 13 pre...

    Ye, Wangbei, Law, Wing-Wah


  • Newspaper

    Maspeth High School’s secret to high pass rates is cheating: teachers


    Susan Edelman - New York Post

    Students can play hockey, skip courses, flunk test but everyone still passes at “Maspeth Minimum High School”. According to a school staff member, teachers are not allowed to fail students. They not only give students the right answers during exams but they also change wrong test answers to the right ones. The Department of Education is carrying out an investigation.

  • Newspaper

    The links between sexual harassment and corruption

    Russian Federation, Ukraine

    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    In Russia and Ukraine, discussion of sexual abuse is not welcomed. Nevertheless, faculty and staff are involved in exploiting and abusing students in many different ways like offering positive grades in examinations in exchange for sex. It is not only students who suffer from sexual harassment but also faculty and staff recruitment. Promotion is influenced by bribes or sexual favours as well.

  • Newspaper

    Why are South Korean politicians shaving their heads?

    Korea R

    - BBC News

    In spite of ongoing accusations of academic fraud and financial crimes against his family, a former law professor was nominated as the new justice minister. His wife, also a professor, was accused of allegedly falsifying material that would have helped their daughter enter university and obtain scholarships. In a protest against the government, opposition leaders shave their heads.

  • Newspaper

    Former staff members at Queensland private school charged over alleged fraud


    - Education HQ

    A major police investigation has been underway since August 2018 after serious concerns about the school’s finances and allegations of nepotism were referred by the Department of Education. According to the Financial and Cyber Crime Group, they misused $4.6 million from a private school south of Brisbane to buy expensive art and finance luxury trips to Europe and Asia.

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