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    The rise and rise of ghost-written dissertations


    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    Academic corruption exists in doctoral education even though this should reflect the highest standards of academic integrity. Doctoral degrees have become especially popular among politicians, state bureaucrats, civil servants and people seeking employment in academia. An entire market has formed in Ukraine that offers ghostwritten dissertations to order. This market consists of not only individuals but also officially registered firms. If in 2009, there were 16 such firms, by 2016 the number tripled, reaching 46.

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    Education minister sets sights on tackling plagiarism, sexual harassment in universities


    Ida Lim - Malaymail

    In an interview with a local daily newspaper, Malaysia’s Education Minister said that efforts are underway to do a large-scale change in the world of academia. A review of the Statuary Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 605 to exclude academics from several rules governing civil servants will be carried out. This involves issues of academic freedom, integrity, plagiarism, and others.

  • Newspaper

    The links between sexual harassment and corruption

    Russian Federation, Ukraine

    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    In Russia and Ukraine, discussion of sexual abuse is not welcomed. Nevertheless, faculty and staff are involved in exploiting and abusing students in many different ways like offering positive grades in examinations in exchange for sex. It is not only students who suffer from sexual harassment but also faculty and staff recruitment. Promotion is influenced by bribes or sexual favours as well.

  • Newspaper

    Why are South Korean politicians shaving their heads?

    Korea R

    - BBC News

    In spite of ongoing accusations of academic fraud and financial crimes against his family, a former law professor was nominated as the new justice minister. His wife, also a professor, was accused of allegedly falsifying material that would have helped their daughter enter university and obtain scholarships. In a protest against the government, opposition leaders shave their heads.

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    It’s time for granting agencies to tackle bad science


    Alain Finkel - University World News

    Many institutions in Australia provide training programmes for their Ph.D. students but these programmes vary in quality, content and reach. The temptation to judge a researcher’s performance for grant funding by the number of published research papers and the focus on the quantity over quality is very strong. They are not just driving bad behaviour for researchers but are also creating a market for criminals to enter scholarly publishing.

  • Newspaper

    Nigeria lecturer suspended after BBC Africa Eye 'sex-for-grades' film


    - BBC News

    The University of Lagos has suspended a lecturer who was caught on film propositioning and sexually harassing an undercover BBC reporter. Several students in the film also made allegations of abuse against the lecturer. The university said it was "highly embarrassed" by the allegations and pledged to do "all that is necessary" to investigate and combat the "menace" of harassment at the institution.

  • Promoting academic integrity in Higher Education: IRAFPA's work in Montenegro


    The Institute of Research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism in Academia (IRAFPA*) has become a reference institution in the area of scientific integrity. This is due to the relevance of its operational methodology, its success as both a mediator and in providing individualised support, as well as its institutional certification programme.

  • Newspaper

    Haryana higher education council chairperson booked for corruption


    Ajay Sura - The Times of India

    The police accused of corruption and cheating the chairperson in the Haryana State Higher Education, an autonomous body created to promote academic excellence in the state. The main allegations against him include the appointment of staff in the university against the norms, opening of new educational centres, which were not required, extending favouritism, illegal withdrawal of university funds and spending the same on family’s personal expenses by misusing his official position.

  • Newspaper

    Call to fight the spread of corruption in Higher Education globally

    Brendan O'Malley - University World News

    According to a report published by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the International Quality Group, corruption in higher education vary between countries but it highlights unethical, inappropriate, and illegal practices. Some examples include university leaders and professors with fake or undeserved doctoral degrees impacting on the governance of some Russian universities, ‘ghost advising’ or absenteeism by senior academics, delegating their responsibilities for teaching or supervision to junior colleagues or research students, is widespread in Kosovo, or students and teachers sexually harassing, threatening or harming academic teaching staff in Uganda.

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