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    Corruption in the education sector


    - IMG Médias

    The report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed suspicions of financial and administrative corruption in the public education sector for the year 2018. These suspicions include embezzlement of funds by the accountant of a college in Menzel Bouzelfa (Nabeul), as well as the appropriation of public funds by the headmaster of a primary school in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid.

  • Promoting integrity in general and Higher Education in Kuwait


    At the invitation of Nazaha, the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, IIEP participated in a capacity-building workshop entitled “Promoting integrity in the education sector”.

  • Newspaper

    At what price a PhD degree?

    Saudi Arabia

    Tariq A. Al-Maeena - Saudi Gazette

    110 offices selling forged degrees from non-Saudi universities have been identified by the Ministry of Higher Education. Prices for a fake bachelor’s or master’s degree can cost anywhere from SR3,000 to SR30,000 while a bogus doctorate can cost up to SR90,000 from an institution in the west. The degrees supplied by these diploma mills are issued by institutions that offer courses without approved standards or are simply issued by the transfer of money into an overseas account. Measures have been taken to detect such agencies.

  • Newspaper

    E-exam adoption rising amid tampering, cheating


    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    In order to cope with the assessment demands of rapidly growing student numbers, and rising incidents of grade tampering and cheating, many African universities are exploring the option of e-exams. While the traditional systems can go as far as bribe-taking by lecturers, invigilators and supervisors as well as examination leakages, e -exams might not be suitable for testing skills like synthesizing information, understanding evidence, critical problem-solving.

  • Newspaper

    Fake and exaggerated qualifications taint government


    Anil Netto - University World News

    Several politicians are accused of ‘misleading voters’ during elections last year and for having fake or questionable academic qualifications. Deputy Foreign Minister’s academic credentials were the first to be called into question. After a police report, he admitted the unaccredited Cambridge International University in the United States granted his degree, which some have claimed was a diploma mill.

  • Promoting integrity in the Kuwait education system through the development of teacher codes of conduct


    In February this year, Muriel Poisson, IIEP programme Specialist in charge of the Institute’s project on ‘Ethics and Corruption in Education, travelled to Kuwait City to facilitate a capacity-building workshop entitled “Promoting integrity in the education system: Focus on teacher codes of conduct”.

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