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  • Guidelines for the design and effective use of teacher codes of conduct

    These guidelines have been prepared to help countries successfully design a teacher code of conduct (or review an existing one) and put in place the appropriate mechanisms to ensure its proper dissemination, application, and monitoring at all levels...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2019

  • Ethics and corruption in education: A capacity building programme

    Improving transparency and accountability in education is a precondition to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, an education sector free of corruption is imperative to the promotion of a culture of ethics. These...


    Paris, IIEP, 2018

  • Newspaper

    First investigation by education Sexual Abuse Task Force

    Korea R


    Aimee Chung - University World News

    South Korea’s education ministry and Seoul police have begun an investigation into a college in the capital last week following a petition by dozens of students revealing sexual misconduct against female students and violence against male students. It is the first investigation by the education ministry’s Sexual Abuse Task Force, which was launched in February.
    According to the executive director of a nationwide union for postgraduate students "Professors wield too much authority over their students. It is difficult to change or confront the student's supervising professor as they have influence over the student's thesis and their eligibility for scholarships as well as assistant jobs."

  • Newspaper

    Academics call for reform of scandal-hit exam agency



    Tunde Fatunde - University World News

    Nigerian academics argue that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, the sole agency permitted by law to conduct entrance examinations for all tertiary institutions in the country, needs to be decentralised and modernised if it is to stand any hope of dealing with the rampant corruption being uncovered within the body. JAMB has attracted a great deal of media attention over the past few weeks as a result of public hearings into several cases of corruption, particularly relating to the sale of official scratch cards, the biometric cards issued and used by JAMB for on-line registration of all examinations candidates.

  • Newspaper

    Crime without punishment: Why corruption is flourishing in Ukrainian universities



    Tetiana Kuznetsova - UNIAN

    The public has been raging in social networks throughout the weekend over the court ruling lifting a post-suspension from the head of a Kyiv-based medical university. Such cases are not uncommon in Ukraine when courts take the side of rectors, deans and professors who were not just involved in scandals and fights with government officials, but were caught red-handed in blatant corruption acts. Severe punishment for such an offense, including between five and ten years of imprisonment, does not seem to discourage bribe-takers, who all too often let off with no consequences.

  • Integrity in Higher Education


    A group of officials from Montenegro embarked on a study visit to learn from Geneva’s experience in promoting integrity in higher education.

  • Newspaper

    Vice-chancellor charged over ex-first lady’s PhD



    Kudzai Mashininga - University World News

    University of Zimbabwe Vice-chancellor has been arrested for allegedly awarding former first lady a doctor of philosophy degree ‘corruptly’ in 2014. Another University of Zimbabwe Professor who supervised the former first lady’s work, is also under probe. Since 2014, there have been claims that the doctorate was fake, but no action was taken while her husband was in power, up until November last year when he was forced to resign as Zimbabwean president.

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