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    Code of conduct critical to enhancing teacher accountability in Malawi


    - Devidiscourse

    To enhance teacher’s standards and accountability in education systems, Malawi’s Ministry of Education is developing its teachers’ policy, including the Teachers Code of Conduct (COC) with the support from UNESCO’s Norwegian Teacher Initiative. The CoC will include teachers from Teacher Training Colleges and should denounce corporal punishment.

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    Bullying and harassment rife at state’s universities


    Geoff Maslen - University World News

    A survey of staff at South Australia’s three major universities has uncovered widespread bullying and harassment, with managers accused of being more concerned with their institution’s reputation than academic and general staff well-being. The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption survey received responses from more than 3,000 staff and one in five said that their university did not have adequate protections for those reporting misconduct and more than 10 per cent said their organization actively discouraged reporting.

  • E4J: The importance of teacher codes of conduct in teaching the rule of law


    For over 15 years, IIEP has been promoting the use of Teacher Codes of Conduct in the fight against corruption in education systems worldwide. This was the subject of a recent workshop given during the Education Justice (E4J ) Global Dialogue Series.

  • Corruption prevention toolkit on kindergartens' operations

    Kindergarten plays a key role in early childhood education and hence the public has a high expectation on both its quality of education and governance. Following the launch of the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2017-18 school year, the...

    Independent Commission Against Corruption, 2020

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    Sexual harassment on campuses: Activists call for harsh penalties


    John Agaba - University World News

    Women and girl child rights activists are calling for tougher and broader sexual harassment guidelines at institutions of higher learning in Uganda to avert cases of lecturers and other university administrators taking advantage of the students they teach. After indecently assaulted a student in 2018, a former administrator at Makerere University has been sentenced to only two years in prison or he has the option to pay a fine of UGX4 million (US$1,080). The 2019 Annual Police Crime Report for Uganda tallied sexual violence-related cases, including assault and rape, at 1,528.

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    Bullying is ‘rife’ at higher education institutions

    South Africa

    Edwin Naidu - University World News

    According to the director of Higher Education Resource Services South Africa (HERS-SA) paper, 41 (50%) of women had experienced bullying in higher education workplace. Several South African institutions, including the University of Cape Town (UCT), the University of Venda, and UNISA, have been in the news over claims of bullying, amid other controversies. At UCT, the Vice-Chancellor was accused of bullying by 37 UCT academics and staff members. Research also shows that some victims are bullied because they observed and spoke up about corruption, or even worse when they were forced to be part of corrupt processes.

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    Niger uncovers over 1,500 ghost teachers in its primary school


    Laleye Dipo - All Africa

    1,500 ghost teachers employed by the Niger State Universal Basic Education Board have been found in primary schools A report revealed that 28,058 personnel were on the payroll of the board but that only 26,070 showed up for the screening. 1,000 of the teachers who appeared for screening were not qualified to teach any primary school in the state as they "cannot read and write.

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    Academic integrity now protected with Turnitin technology


    Raymond G.B. Tribdino - Business Insight

    As schools and universities move to online instruction, the new software Turnitin Originality is designed to support academic integrity by providing tools to students to self-check and correct themselves, and for professors to identify potential misconduct so that they can intervene. When reviewing submissions, Turnitin Originality checks whether the work is similar to other known text, or if there are indications that it was not written by the student. This data will facilitate conversations between instructors and students about how to discover and express their authentic voice.

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    Integrity: an answer to corruption

    Viet Nam

    Quynh Tong - Transparency International

    81 per cent of young people in Vietnam said they have no or very little information on integrity and anti-corruption rules. The Youth Integrity Survey 2019 revealed that while most young people seem to understand the concept of integrity, a majority appear willing to compromise integrity to gain benefits for themselves and their families. The Vietnam Integrity School brings young people together across Vietnam to learn about anti-corruption, exchange ideas, and discuss how to design and implement initiatives to promote integrity in their school, community, and workplace.

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    1,500 penalties handed out for cheating in vocational exams


    Will Hazell - I

    The assessment watchdog Ofqual figures for the 2017-2018 academic year show 1,539 penalties for malpractice in vocational qualifications, of which 55 per cent were for students, 39 per cent for staff, and 6 per cent for schools and colleges. There were 606 penalties issued to staff, with the most common offense being “improper assistance to candidates”, which accounted for 75 per cent of all penalties. Only 7 per cent of penalties for staff came in the form of suspensions or bans. In 45 per cent of cases, staff received a written warning, while 41 per cent of the penalties involved further training. The most common type of cheating reported was plagiarism, which accounted for 46 per cent of all student penalties, followed by in the use of mobile phones or other communication devices in exams, accounted for 19 per cent.

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