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  • International Policy Forum puts the spotlight on using open school data to combat corruption


    An upcoming IIEP International Policy Forum in Manila organized with the Department of Education in the Philippines will look at Using Open School Data to Improve Transparency and Accountability in Education.

  • Foto de grupo del Foro Internacional sobre Políticas Educativas del IIEP, en Manila, Filipinas, 2018.

    10 ways to promote transparency and accountability in education


    Open school data can foster accountability and combat corruption in education, but only when it is used effectively and any malpractice is addressed with clear consequence. Researchers and national policy-makers attending an International Policy Forum in Manila, organized by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) and the Department of Education in the Philippines, underscored this as they discussed open data initiatives from around the world.

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    School books in Côte d'Ivoire, a business that is turning into a head-ache

    Côte d'Ivoire

    Haby Niakaté - Le Monde

    Before each school year, the Ministry of Education publishes a list of approved textbooks, from which teachers will choose the ones they will use in class. For the 2017-2018 school year, the list is 30 pages long. There is big money in school books, explains a publisher who wants to remain anonymous. "Getting on the list is the Holy Grail, and no holds are barred. Imagine a little, it's a huge market, more than 5 million students! Everyone wants their share of the pie: authors, publishers, printers or distributors, even if the methods they use are not always legal.”

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    Corruption plagues Afghanistan's education system


    Alex Cooper - OCCRP

    As another school year begins in Afghanistan, the country continues to face insecurity, an epidemic of corruption within its education system and old customs that keep many students and qualified teachers away from classrooms. Violence and corruption are problems that can hardly be solved on grassroots level only. Increased violence forced more than 1,000 schools to shut their doors since 2016 and according to a report compiled by the country’s independent corruption monitor, corruption is “devastating” the education system and the country.

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    Education minister in High Court dock


    Werner Menges - The Namibian

    Education Minister this morning made her first pretrial appearance in the Windhoek High Court in the case in which she is facing a charge of corruption. She is due to be prosecuted on allegations that she corruptly used her office as Hardap governor in December 2014 to place the names of two of her family members on a list of beneficiaries for the mass housing development programme at Mariental.

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    Auditor’s handling of whistleblower’s claims is criticized


    The Associated Press - Washington's Top News

    Ohio Auditor’s opponent in the state attorney general’s race said that he should immediately have referred to authorities a whistleblower’s allegations that the state’s then-largest online charter school intentionally inflated attendance figures. The Education Department previously found that the school significantly over-reported its number of full-time-equivalent students and owed the state $60 million for the 2015-2016 school year. Another $19 million penalty was assessed for 2016-2017.

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    NBC 5 honored with Peabody Award for Dallas County Schools bus investigation


    - NBC 5 News

    KXAS-TV was awarded a 2017 Peabody Award for its extensive NBC 5 Investigates series, “Big Buses, Bigger Problems: Taxpayers Taken for a Ride”. NBC 5’s investigation exposed a web of corruption, staggering financial mismanagement, hidden personal relationships and conflicts of interest inside Dallas County Schools, a public agency responsible for transporting more than 75,000 school children daily in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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    Oyo teachers protest alleged fraud by SUBEB officials


    Sam Oluwalana - Independant

    Over 2,000 primary school teachers from about 27 local government areas of Oyo State protested on what they described as monumental frauds being perpetrated by some officials of the state in connivance with some State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) officials. In Ibadan North Local Government alone, about 109 teachers claimed that the fraudulent state officials fleeced them over N54m from illegal deductions made from their salaries.

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    New project aims to educate school children, young adults on issue of corruption


    Salifa Karapetyan - Seychelles News Agency

    Educating school children and young adults on the subject of corruption on the Seychelles’ three main islands is the aim of a joint project between Transparency Initiative Seychelles (TIS) and the Anti-Corruption Commission Seychelles (ACCS). Other than educating students and pupils, key activities under the project consist of revising the existing Anti-Corruption Act, reinforcing the capacity of the Transparency Initiatives Seychelles and to improve the latter’s advocacy through technical assistance and equipment.

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