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  • Anti-corruption day: developing country capacity to fight corruption in education


    IIEP has trained more than 2,200 people in the area of transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures in education since 2003. From 4 to 6 October 2018, the Institute joined forces with NEPC to offer a new course on this topic in Tbilisi for country teams from Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, and Mongolia.

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    'Bogus' teachers in court for faking qualifications

    South Africa

    - News 24

    Two teachers have been arrested after practicing at Seme Secondary school for eight and two years’ respectively. They got their jobs by using fake qualifications. It is said that the Mpumalanga Department of Education suffered a combined loss of more than R2.4m. The department apparently became suspicious about their qualifications in 2017 and asked them to resubmit their qualifications. The two will return to the Volkrust Regional Court on February 6.

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    Somaliland: 954 temporary teachers join government payroll


    - Mena Fm

    High-ranking government officials attended an ostentatious ceremony held by the president on Tuesday where he ordered that 954 teachers found to have been teaching at 1081 schools across the country be given permanent positions at the Ministry effective from that day. Early October 1626 positions out of 6448 were found to be ghost 'employees' by the Somaliland Civil Service Commission (SCSC ). Out of that number, 954 were found on Ministry of Education payrolls, a number that did not physically exist but whose salaries were being drawn fraudulently. Neither the government nor the SCSC charged anybody on the grand theft of public resources.

  • Promoting accountability through information: how open school data can help


    Six case studies from Asia and the Pacific look at how open school data can create a more transparent and accountable education system.

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    A new 'taxonomy of corruption' In Nigeria finds 500 different kinds


    Nurith Aizenman - npr

    Tales of corruption in Nigeria are many in number. One example is the case of the clerk at the state examinations board who was called to account for the disappearance of $100,000 in exam fees. An analyst of the country says: "There's this perception among officials in Nigeria that national government is there to divide up the booty of oil wealth." That political culture then filters through to layers below, to the point where even local police or school teachers or receptionists at public hospitals may consider it their right to demand bribes. "It's about people monetizing their position in society so that even people with the lowest amount of authority will use that to extract a small amount."

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    Oyo teachers protest alleged fraud by SUBEB officials


    Sam Oluwalana - Independant

    Over 2,000 primary school teachers from about 27 local government areas of Oyo State protested on what they described as monumental frauds being perpetrated by some officials of the state in connivance with some State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) officials. In Ibadan North Local Government alone, about 109 teachers claimed that the fraudulent state officials fleeced them over N54m from illegal deductions made from their salaries.

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    Corruption plagues Afghanistan's education system


    Alex Cooper - OCCRP

    As another school year begins in Afghanistan, the country continues to face insecurity, an epidemic of corruption within its education system and old customs that keep many students and qualified teachers away from classrooms. Violence and corruption are problems that can hardly be solved on grassroots level only. Increased violence forced more than 1,000 schools to shut their doors since 2016 and according to a report compiled by the country’s independent corruption monitor, corruption is “devastating” the education system and the country.

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