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  • IIEP participates in the Annual International Conference for Integrity (CAII) held in Peru


    At the invitation of the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Peru, IIEP participated in the 2018 Annual International Conference for Integrity (CAII) held in Lima, Peru, from 6 to 7 December 2018. This annual event seeks to "create a space for discussion about different government oversight mechanisms and their latest developments around the world”.

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    Govt launches crackdown on academic fraud


    Nokuthaba Nkomo - Nehanda Radio

    Counterfeiting or purchasing of downright forged certificates, diplomas and degrees are some of the crudest forms of academic fraud in Zimbabwe. Experts say the employment of individuals with bogus credentials can be a public relations fiasco for both private companies and government. According to the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) spokesperson, the examinations body has been working with employers nationwide to verify academic credentials, uncovering a shocking number of workers with forged school and college certificates.

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    Introduce anti-corruption education in school


    Bernama - The Edge Markets

    The Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) has suggested that the Ministry of Education (MoE) introduce anti-corruption education under religious and moral education subjects. The senior vice-chairman stressed that ‘’the most appropriate and effective way to prevent corruption is to start with the schools as it could help bring up a young generation of Malaysians who hate and reject corruption in all forms”. A study of students in 2016 showed that 16% of the respondents from local universities are willing to accept bribes and 18.5% would accept a bribe if they did not have to face any action.

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    Makerere university approves new policy against sexual harassment


    Damali Mukhaye - All Africa

    Makerere University Council has approved the revised anti-sexual harassment policy aimed at eliminating the rampant sexual abuse at the institution. The University Vice-Chancellor said that the policy requires lecturers and all staff to declare any relationship they have with their students. He added: "If cases are reported to people and they sit on them, they will be liable to sanctions.

  • Anti-corruption day: developing country capacity to fight corruption in education


    IIEP has trained more than 2,200 people in the area of transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures in education since 2003. From 4 to 6 October 2018, the Institute joined forces with NEPC to offer a new course on this topic in Tbilisi for country teams from Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, and Mongolia.

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    Education in Balochistan


    Munaj Gul - Academia

    Ghost teachers and ghost schools are a burden on the education system in rural areas of Balochistan and the government needs to take concrete steps to repair the damage that is caused to its children and their future. Most public schools lack basic facilities like boundary walls, chairs, toilets, clean drinking water, electricity, and even teachers, not to mention the absence of study material like course-books and other infrastructural needs. Authorities continue to pay teachers despite their wilful absence and a great number of them are hired based on political affiliation rather than their qualification and educational achievements.

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    Ghost' students a new nightmare for Obec


    King-Oua Laohong & Dumrongkiat Mala - Bangok Post

    The director of the Office of Anti-Corruption in Public Area 3, said that ten more north-eastern schools have been found with bogus students on their rolls, allegedly to facilitate the directors' transfer to well-known medium- and large-sized schools where parents are willing to pay admission bribes. This probe followed an investigation at Kham Sakae Saeng School in Nakhon Ratchasima where its new director found a list of 196 "ghost students" suspected of being put on the roll to get more government subsidies.

  • School report cards in India

    Immense potential of “open” school data untapped in India

    Mridusmita Bordoloi


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    U.K. investigates 3,000 foreign medics, after fake doctor is exposed


    Alan Cowell - The New York Times

    British medical authorities acknowledged on Monday that they were checking the credentials of some 3,000 foreign physicians after one was convicted of fraud and accused of falsifying qualifications. A physician used a qualification from her native New Zealand for more than two decades which enabled her to treat patients suffering from dementia and an array of other psychiatric complaints. However, in recent weeks, an investigation by a provincial newspaper uncovered a very different version of her background.

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    Slovakian politician in plagiarism scandal


    Debora Weber-Wulff - Copy, Paste, and Shake

    According to Slovak media the Speaker of the Slovakian Parliament has been accused of having copied his JuDR doctoral thesis in law from five other sources. The politician put his thesis in the university library under embargo, when the accusations first arose. Comenius University announced that a doctoral dissertation with the same title and same number of pages was missing in its university archive and that an enquiry has been launched.

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