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  • Newspaper

    Makerere university approves new policy against sexual harassment


    Damali Mukhaye - All Africa

    Makerere University Council has approved the revised anti-sexual harassment policy aimed at eliminating the rampant sexual abuse at the institution. The University Vice-Chancellor said that the policy requires lecturers and all staff to declare any relationship they have with their students. He added: "If cases are reported to people and they sit on them, they will be liable to sanctions.

  • Newspaper

    Minister resigns over NTU president appointment fiasco

    Taiwan China

    Mimi Leung - University World News

    Taiwan’s Minister of Education has resigned over his refusal to sign off the highly controversial appointment of a new president for National Taiwan University (NTU) until key questions surrounding the appointment had been cleared up. The new president was due to take the helm of the prestigious university on 1 February. However, there were allegations of a conflict of interest in the university’s process of electing him and separate allegations of plagiarism.

  • Newspaper

    Anti-corruption drive – What about the universities?


    Gilbert Nakweya - University World News

    The former chairperson of the University Academic Staff Union (UASU) said that the government seems reluctant to fight corruption in public universities in Kenya which suffer different forms of corruption. For a long time, the Government did not take a keen interest in auditing universities until recently and most universities did not keep proper records of their revenues and expenditure. He added that the lack of accountability among vice-chancellors provided an environment for corruption to take root.

  • Tbilisi

    Corruption-risk assessment of the Georgian higher education sector


    Following a corruption-risk assessment, IIEP-UNESCO publishes a set of recommendations to improve the financing, management, and admissions of Georgia's higher education sector.

  • Newspaper

    A new 'taxonomy of corruption' In Nigeria finds 500 different kinds


    Nurith Aizenman - npr

    Tales of corruption in Nigeria are many in number. One example is the case of the clerk at the state examinations board who was called to account for the disappearance of $100,000 in exam fees. An analyst of the country says: "There's this perception among officials in Nigeria that national government is there to divide up the booty of oil wealth." That political culture then filters through to layers below, to the point where even local police or school teachers or receptionists at public hospitals may consider it their right to demand bribes. "It's about people monetizing their position in society so that even people with the lowest amount of authority will use that to extract a small amount."

  • Strengthen integrity and combat corruption in higher education


    A group of officials from Kosovo* participated in a study visit to learn from Switzerland’s experience in promoting integrity in higher education.

  • How to develop successful codes of ethics for higher education institutions?


    IIEP meets young professionals from Georgia, Germany, Moldova and Ukraine at the University Duisburg Essen

  • Newspaper

    Tokyo Medical University 'changed female exam scores'


    - BBC News

    Reports that one of Japan's most prestigious medical universities tampered with female applicants' entrance exam scores have sparked an outcry on social media. Tokyo Medical University began altering results in 2011 to ensure under 30% of successful applicants would be women. The private university says it will investigate the discrimination reports. Users online took aim at the Japanese government over the scandal. Critics suggested the allegations were ironic given Prime Minister stated commitment to boost female participation in the workforce. The biggest daily newspaper in Japan, Yomiuri Shimbun, published the report examining student admission numbers on Thursday, generating complaints.

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