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    Fight against corruption ; the president of the Central Inspectorate announces ‘’ exceptional measures”


    - L’Orient Le Jour

    Lebanon ranks 143rd out of 180 countries in the world in 2017 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. The President of the Central Inspectorate states that the Ministry of Education has "reduced teachers' working hours" and is carrying out recruitments, "which are not necessary”. He announced unexpected visits to public administrations in 2019 as part of the fight against corruption in order to introduce a tool to monitor recruitment.

  • Newspaper

    Scientific salami slicing: 33 papers from 1 Study

    Iran, Islamic Republic

    Neuroskeptic - Discover

    Given that scientists are judged in large part by the number of peer-reviewed papers they produce, it’s easy to understand the temptation to engage in salami publication. It’s officially discouraged, but it’s still very common to see researchers writing perhaps 3 or 4 papers based on a single project that could, realistically, have been one big paper. In an extreme case of salami slicing, the journal Archives of Iranian Medicine published a set of 33 papers about one study.

  • Newspaper

    Universities take steps to curb academic dishonesty


    Laeed Zaghlami - University World News

    The excitement that marks the beginning of the academic year in the Algerian higher education sector, belies a crisis of credibility in the wake of several recent incidents of cheating. Last October, teachers in the faculty of economics at the University of Algiers disclosed the names of students accused of cheating in a doctoral entrance examination, but thus far no action against the students has been reported in the media. In a city east of Algeria two masters examinations were cancelled in October after model answers were leaked, while in the west, four doctoral projects in the faculty of arts and literature were nullified following complaints of academic dishonesty.

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