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    Liberia: #corruptionmustgo: Musicians mobilize to minimize corruption in Liberia


    Brooks Marmon - OSIWA

    As Liberia enters its second decade of peace, its music industry continues to gain popularity. The Accountability Lab, an OSIWA partner, has been working with hip co (a Liberian urban music genre) musicians in Liberia to promote integrity and combat corruption. A recent performance at the University of Liberia (UL) highlighted the challenges faced by Liberian students in order to register for classes.

  • Cheating at schools: integrity pledges experiment in Lithuania

    Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter


  • Newspaper

    Row over mismanagement of EU research funding


    Jan Petter Myklebust - University World News

    European Commission officials are expected to hold talks with government representatives in Bulgaria over the alleged mismanagement of funds in the operational programme Science and Education for Smart Growth in the European Union budget. Bulgaria has received funding for 116 agreements totalling BGN324 million (€165 million or US$174 million), and of these, eight projects have reportedly been found to be mismanaged, with a total budget of BGN180 million (€92 million or US$97 million).

  • Newspaper

    Corruption in Ghana education demands joint effort to kick it out


    - News Ghana

    Stakeholders in Ghana’s education sector have stressed the need for a collective effort to find immediate solutions to risks in the sector that may engender corruption. While the risks are well known and have been documented, it is important to address the root causes so as to curb them from escalating into cases of corruption in the sector. The Transparency International Regional Coordinator for West Africa said there could be no talk of sustainable development of any country without a good educational system, thus the need to address corruption and risks of corruption in the sector.

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