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    LACC end first phase of anti-graft awareness in schools



    Joe Abban - The New Dawn

    The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has completed the first phase of its anti-corruption awareness campaign in schools. The first phase which climaxed at the William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor covered forty eight schools in Monrovia. LACC Oversight Commissioner for Education & Prevention said talking to the young people of Liberia on corruption was a priority of the Commission. She noted that corruption continues to impede national development and imparting the virtues of integrity in students as future leaders was a major concern to the LACC.

  • Newspaper

    LACC launches anti-corruption awareness in schools



    - Front Page Africa

    The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has launched a massive Anti-Corruption awareness campaign in schools. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness among students about the effects of corruption and their role in the fight against corruption as future leaders. The LACC Anti-Corruption awareness campaign is an initiative of the Commission’s Education & Prevention Division which is partnering with the Pursuit for Positive Action Youth Organization (PPAYO).

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    Youth NGOs in central and eastern Europe tackle corruption with a new documentary series


    Filip Stojanovski - Global voices

    In order to combat corruption, one first has to recognize it and stop treating it as something “normal.” Activists argue that public education is the key to reversing attitudes that allow societies to remain complacent to corruption. In this context, three youth anti-corruption networks from Central and Eastern Europe are sharing their experiences in a new documentary series about corruption in education, which is now available online.

  • Newspaper

    In India, students strip down to their underwear to pass an exam



    - Figaro Etudiant

    Cheating in exams, especially ones that could lead to jobs in the public sector, has reached epidemic proportions in India, and the means employed by young people in order to cheat compete with the methods employed by examiners to stop them. During a written recruitment test for entry into the Indian army held in the Bihar state, candidates has to strip down to their underwear in order to prevent any attempt to cheat.

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    How to curb corruption in schools



    Misbahu Bashir - The Daily Trust

    At the opening ceremony of the zonal conference of the Association of Women in Colleges of Education (WICE), the Provost of the College of Education, decried the existence of corrupt practices in schools. He said corruption can be reduced when people embraced the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in public and private transaction. The theme of the conference was: “The role of education in curbing corruption and youth unemployment in the 21st Century.”

  • Newspaper

    Educate the educators: the first seminar on transparency and education conducted in Cyprus



    Transparency Cyprus - Transparency International

    The first seminar on "Corruption, Transparency and Education" was held on May 28, 2016 at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus by Transparency International-Cyprus (TI-C). TI-C has included in its Strategic Plan for 2016 the important issue of education in an effort to raise awareness and build capacity for primary school teachers on Transparency, corruption and education. Given the success of the first seminar, TI-C looks forward to conducting more seminars for interested teachers who will act as the force to building capacity for the youngsters and ensure that they will not tolerate corruption.

  • Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC

    An Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has been estalished in Hong Kong, whose objective is "to pursue the corrupt through effective investigation and prosecution, to eliminate opportunities for corruption by introducing corruption...

    Hong Kong authorities


  • Cheating or cheated? Surviving secondary exit exams in a neoliberal era

    Cheating on exams is a rampant and highly developed practice among youth in the Arab world, often involving elaborate networks, advanced technology and adult authorities. Rather than viewing cheating as mere laziness or immorality, this article...

    Buckner, Elizabeth; Hodges, Rebecca


  • Newspaper

    Students warned to avoid unauthorised institutions



    - University World News

    The higher education and research minister has warned new students to make sure they enrol in higher education institutions that are authorised and accredited by the state. During the past few years many new private institutions had opened as the numbers of young people qualified to enter higher education increased but places in public universities remained low. She stressed that “the ministry refuses to ratify or recognise the diplomas of institutions without authorisation.”

  • Cover of Education for Integrity: Teaching on Anti-Corruption, Values and the Rule of Law

    Education for integrity: our youth, our future

    Carissa Munro


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