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    Take responsibility for ensuring ethical recruitment

    Mark Ashwill - University World News

    It has been argued, that the way to address the problem of unethical student recruitment agencies is to ban them. But are all education agents inherently bad? No. Are there serious issues and potential pitfalls? Absolutely. Although the use of education agents is fraught with potential problems, it is possible to develop ways to address legitimate concerns related to the holy trinity of accountability, integrity and transparency.

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    Unethical practices hinder growth of Nigerian universities


    Emeka Mamah - Vanguard

    Experts from many African and European countries have blamed lack of transparency and unethical practices as some of the reasons preventing Nigerian universities from making the list of best global institutions. Transparency in admissions, teachings and university administration were some of the criteria used for judging the best universities worldwide. They further said that Nigerian universities must train students on character and integrity for them to compete globally.

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    Ethics and the developmental university

    Eric Fredua-Kwarteng - University World News

    A developmental university must have well-crafted research ethical standards anchored in principles of democracy, social justice and human rights. Research ethical standards are important as they provide guidelines for researchers to ensure that specific values like integrity, transparency, respect, objectivity and accountability are strictly observed; they generate confidence in and support for research among both domestic and international research communities; and they help establish trust between researchers and research participants.

  • Anti-Corruption Forum in Russia


    Muriel Poisson, head of the Research and Development Team at IIEP, was invited to participate in the second Siberian Anti-Corruption Forum devoted to the design and implementation of anti-corruption training for civil servants.

  • Handbook of academic integrity

    The book brings together diverse views from around the world and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, beginning with different definitions of academic integrity through how to create the ethical academy. At the same time, the Handbook...

    Bretag, Tracey

    Singapore, Springer Singapore, 2016

  • Newspaper

    Teachers must abide by ethics code - EACC


    Ouma Wanzala - The Daily Nation

    Teachers must abide by the code of conduct and ethics that have been developed by their employers, the anti-corruption watchdog has said. “Compliance with the ethical and integrity standard set under these law is a duty and not a choice. No sector or individual is at liberty to choose what provisions of the law to apply to them,” said the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) chief executive officer. Teachers have rejected attempts to have their their income and assets audited while in service and on exit by by their employer, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

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