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    Crisis facing Indian higher education – and how Australian universities can help


    Craig Jeffrey - The Conversation

    Although there has been an enormous expansion in higher education in India over the past 30 years there is still a huge problem around quality. In 2013 the Indian government launched a new higher education improvement programme. Australian universities can help by: training staff, rooting out corruption, sharing knowledge on access, and establishing research partnerships.

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    Reduce the education deficit in the Middle east


    Anne-Marie Slaughter and Lauren Bohn - l'Orient Le Jour

    The state of Egypt’s public schools is an essential indicator of the ways in which the Egyptian revolution has not reached its citizens. In fact, private tutoring has now become Egypt’s de facto education system. A number of teachers have admitted, unofficially, that they teach the strict minimum in class so as to be able to recuperate these same students in private tutoring sessions. According to some estimates, Egyptian families spend over 1 billion dollars in private classes to compensate for the poor level of education: a cost which comes to almost a quarter of the family income.

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    Bad marks, Bihar: Fake school certificate scam highlights educational crisis across India


    - Times of India

    In the latest education scam from Bihar, it appears that students can purchase top-scoring intermediate certificates for around Rs 5 lakh without even having to write the exam. Moreover, many schools and colleges have been getting their affiliations by improper means. All these skeletons are tumbling out in the light of probes launched after a TV sting found this year’s top-scoring students struggling to answer basic questions about their subjects. Most memorably, one top student said that political science is about cooking. The rot in the state of education has certainly been a long time cooking.

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    Top university broke rule on swaying rankings


    Brendan O'Malley - University World News

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s oldest and highest ranked university, has been censured by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), for breaching the rules of its global ranking by running a campaign which they “clearly forbid”. Trinity, which along with other Irish universities has dropped down the rankings in recent years, launched an awareness campaign designed to ensure that its research is put in the spotlight and make sure key players are aware of upcoming surveys.

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    Academic malpractice again in system: WAEC takes spotlight


    Mohammed Salue sy - Front Page Africa

    The issue of education continues to be at the centre of public discourse in Liberia, with frequent outcries about the system. While dozens of scholarly papers have been published by veteran scholars about how to reform education in the country, ambiguity remains as to who is at the origin of the poor level of quality within a sector plagued with issues such as sex for grades, bribery, deception, outdated curricula and a lack of competent instructors.

  • Merit matters: student perceptions of faculty quality and reward

    This empirical research explores a role that the quality of teaching and students' competence play in shaping students' views about the upward mobility opportunities in their higher education institutions. It is often understood that the principal...

    Sabic-El-Rayess, Amra


  • New IIEP publication explores using school report cards to improve transparency


    IIEP is pleased to announce its latest publication Promoting Transparency through Information: A Global Review of School Report Cards by Xuejiao Joy Cheng and Kurt Moses from FHI 360.

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