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  • Anti-corruption: implementing curriculum change in management education

    Anti-Corruption presents comprehensive anti-corruption guidelines on how to professionalize anti-corruption education around the world. Written by international business professors and deans, the book guides academic institutions in how to adopt...

    Amann, Wolfgang, Berenbeim, Ronald, Tan, Tay Keong, Kleinhempel, Matthias, Lewis, Alfred, Nieffer, Ruth, Stachowicz-Stanusch, Agata, Tripathi, Shiv

    Sheffield (UK), Greenleaf, 2015

  • Newspaper

    How to avoid getting cheated by phony scholarships


    Benjamin Plackett - Al Fanar Media

    A few predatory universities are looking for Arab students eager to study online cheaply, an Al-Fanar Media investigation has found. The “universities” try to seduce prospective students with offers of scholarships that are, in fact, just a way to pry money out of them.

  • Le Plagiat académique: comprendre pour agir

    Le traitement du plagiat dans l'univers académique paraît insurmontable car il renvoie l'académique et le juridique dos à dos. Cet ouvrage propose une méthodologie concrète de compréhension et d'action tant pour les acteurs, plagiés et plagieurs, que...

    Bergadaà, Michelle

    Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015

  • IIEP launches its first online international anti-corruption course


    Following a decade of research on corruption in education, IIEP is launching its first distance course on “Transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education”.

  • International anti-corruption day


    Corrupt practices, such as the misappropriation of educational funds or asking for illegal school fees, can cause significant financial losses to a country’s education budget and represent an unbearable burden for the world’s poorest. Improving transparency and accountability and introducing anti-corruption measures is therefore of utmost importance to improve access, equity and efficiency in the education sector.

  • Revisiting insider-outsider research in comparative and international education

    This volume recognises how many researchers across the social sciences, and in comparative and international education in particular, see themselves as insiders or outsiders or, more pertinently, shifting combinations of both, in the research process...

    Crossley, Michael, Arthur, Lore, McNess, Elizabeth

    Oxford, Symposium Books, 2016

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