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    MOE commences teacher verification process


    Decontee M. Wesseh - Liberia News Agency (LINA)

    The Ministry of Education (MoE) has commenced the teacher verification process to ensure the restructuring and rightsizing of the teaching workforce. The purpose of this initiative is to audit the teachers' payroll and correct all identified anomalies to ensure the elimination of persons with fraudulent qualifications from the system. Money saved by the MOE, if any, will be used to rationalize the pay and benefits of educators to attract and retain professionals in the field.

  • Newspaper

    German Defence Minister denies plagiarism


    - BBC News

    The German Defence Minister has denied claims she plagiarised parts of her doctoral thesis after a crowd-sourced plagiarism hunting website claimed to have found "elements of plagiarism" on 27 of the 62 pages of her 1990 dissertation.

  • Newspaper

    Sydney businessman accused of visa scam, still operating despite charges against him


    Steve Cannane and Brigid Andersen - ABC News

    A Sydney businessman accused of ripping off foreign students is continuing to run his operation despite facing 22 charges of fraud and misconduct. According to a former employee, the company, posing as the client, sets up fake email accounts to try and obtain visas, in direct infringement of The Migration Act.

  • Newspaper

    The traditional “thank the teacher” present has become a lucrative market


    Antoine Sillières - Le Figaro

    Between the end of year fête and the start of the summer holidays, it is traditional for teachers to receive small gifts from parents and students as a thank-you for the past year. To the delight of chocolate makers, florists and many more.

  • Newspaper

    Cut and paste cheaters at risk


    Adrien de Tricornot - Le Monde

    Over the last few weeks, the various faculties of the University of Lyon have been doing awareness training with their students on the question of plagiarism. Presented as members of the animal kingdom – sheep, parrots or chameleons, the campaign distinguishes between different types of plagiarists: involuntary, negligent or serious.

  • Newspaper

    Students warned against buying fake KCSE chemistry paper in circulation


    Henry Wanyama - The Star

    The Kenya National Examination Council has warned KCSE candidates and their parents against buying a fake Chemistry exam paper being circulated. The Council will intercept fake papers and take legal action against individuals found circulating and selling them.

  • Newspaper

    Mass-produced PhDs lie at heart of Russia’s ‘plague’ of doctoral fraud

    Russian Federation

    Jack Grove - Times Higher Education

    Academic ‘scallywags’ are gaining doctorates thanks to the circulation of dodgy theses within some universities, says the founder of plagiarism pressure group. The extraordinary scale of PhD fraud in Russia can be attributed to the reproduction of near-identical doctoral dissertations within universities, with more than 3,500 falsified theses identified by the anti-plagiarism group Dissernet in the past two years.

  • Newspaper

    Minister promises crackdown on academic fraud


    Paul Fauvet - Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique/ Mozambique News Agency

    The Mozambican Minister of Education declared “zero tolerance” of academic fraud in reaction to the latest cheating scandal concerning the 12th grade extraordinary examinations held in August. An investigation into 43 of the country's 200 public secondary schools confirmed that cheating had taken place in nine schools, involving 407 pupils

  • Newspaper

    Jail terms of up to 20 years for education ministry theft


    - Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique/ Mozambique News Agency

    The Maputo City Court on Thursday sentenced eight people to prison terms of between one and 20 years for their part in a fraud which had diverted 33 million meticais (about 825,000 US dollars at current exchange rates) from the coffers of the Ministry of Education between 2008 and 2011.

  • Newspaper

    Teacher arrested over forgery of academic reports


    - The New Times

    Police in Kayonza District are holding a teacher of Groupe Scolaire Kabare in Ngoma District for allegedly selling forged academic report cards to students. The teacher was arrested on Wednesday in Karambi Cell of Murundi Sector, while his accomplices are still at large.

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