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    Scandals put teaching of economics in the dock



    Maria Elena Hurtado - University world news

    The spate of financial scandals that are rocking Chile have stirred a wholesome debate in the country on the importance of ethics in the teaching of economics. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s economics and administration faculty has been under the spotlight since three of its former students, previously hailed as 'star students', were prosecuted and jailed for a week pending trial for tax fraud and other financial crimes

  • Six lessons learned on tackling corruption in Kosovo

    Shqipe Neziri Vela


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    Education anti-corruption probe claims scalp at Royal Children’s Hospital



    Samantha Landy, Matthew Johnson - Herald Sun

    The boss of the Education Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital has quit in the wake of evidence given during an anti-corruption inquiry. The RCH told the Herald Sun that it appeared to have been caught up in what is alleged to have been misuse of public funds distributed to various organisations via a network of “banker schools”.

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    Combatting corruption in higher education in Armenia



    - EAP-PCF News

    The Council of Europe and European Union joint project “Strengthening Integrity and Combating Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia” was launched in Yerevan on 27 May 2015. The Project objective is to support the development of prevention and integrity mechanisms for practicing professionals and to increase good governance in the field of higher education in Armenia.

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    Foreign institutions warned over PhD admissions



    Francis Kokutse - University World News

    Foreign tertiary institutions in Ghana have been directed by the National Accreditation Board to ensure that only students with certificates awarded by institutions accredited by the board be admitted to PhD courses. It is also concerned about a spate of honorary degrees awarded to personalities by some unaccredited or unqualified institutions.

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    Grappling with a plagiarism problem in universities



    Munyaradzi Makoni - University World News

    Banishing academic dishonesty could help Mozambique nurture original thinkers who are economically efficient and socially suited to develop the country. But this will only be possible if administrators work with professors and students to build strong measures to combat widespread plagiarism, which is hampering the production of quality graduates.

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    No gifts for the teachers: China puts corruption in schools under scrutiny



    - South China Morning Post

    Chinese authorities will target gift-giving to teachers, illegal charging of extra fees and embezzlement in the education sector as part of China's corruption crackdown, the country's top graft watchdog said on Tuesday. The President has embarked on a sweeping campaign against corruption since 2012, pursuing high-ranking "tigers" as well as lowly "flies" in the government.

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    CT* youth unhappy with education, corruption

    South Africa


    - ENCA

    CAPE TOWN – The current government has yet to win over youth, concurred youngsters in Mitchell’s Plain. “Government has failed us. They have failed us in so many ways” said 16-year-old resident. “There is an inequality among schools. You look at schools in Constantia and then you look at our schools. They have more resources.”
    *Cape Town

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    Vyapam: India's deadly medical school exam scandal



    Soutik Biswas - BBC News

    A medical school admission examinations scandal in India has turned into a veritable whodunit with thousands of arrests, mysterious deaths and the suspected involvement of top politicians and bureaucrats.

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