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  • Etude de capitalisation de l'expérience de l'étude de traçabilité des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso: rapport final définitif mai 2015

    L'étude dont l'objectif central était d'améliorer l'efficacité et l'efficience des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso a passé en revue les goulots d'étranglement qui minent l'exécution efficiente des ressources...

    Burkina Faso. Ministère de l'économie et des finances

    Ouagadougou, AMD, 2015

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    Oxford criticized over oligarch's £75m donation



    Luke Harding - The Guardian

    Oxford University has been urged in an open letter to review its decision to accept £75m from Britain’s richest man to build the Blavatnik School of Government. The letter also urges the university to carry out urgent “transparency and procedural reforms” with regard to foreign donations.

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    Editorial comment: Action needed on corrupt elements



    - The Herald

    The ongoing Government audit of schools across the country has unearthed massive abuse of levies collected from parents and guardians purportedly to fund development of learning infrastructure. From the 1 800 (18 percent) schools audited so far, there are indications of massive doctoring of accounting records by the schools.

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    Activists welcome SAAC, say it will bring in transparency



    - the Times of India

    KOLHAPUR: Like the grading system in higher education through the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the state government will soon introduce the State Assessment and Accreditation Council (SAAC) system for the assessment and accreditation of the primary and secondary schools across the state, a move welcomed by city-based education activists who say it will bring transparency to the education system and will force schools to improve their infrastructure and education quality

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    How citizen action on budgets led to 4 new classrooms and saved the taxpayer $6000



    Focal Integrity Team of Cameroon - ONE

    In rural Cameroon, government budget allocations and expenditures are still hidden from public view. Focal Integrity Team of Cameroon (FITCAM) managed to convince public officials to disclose information of public interest to community organizations. They then supported citizens in holding authorities to account on local education projects in the Fako Division of Buea, in South West Cameroon. After exposing the corrupt practices of contractors, the Ministry of Public Contracts declared savings of 5,342, 765 CFA (approximately $5,980) through renegotiating contracts relating to a number of projects.

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    Education Ministry detects massive fraud in school uniform distribution programme

    Sri Lanka


    Rishan Hannan - News 1st

    Many instances were witnessed across the country, where parents arrived at schools to return free uniform material vouchers which were invalid. There were also instances where parents complained of the insufficient value attached to these vouchers, and where parents were unable to purchase quality material for a specified price. Against this backdrop, several teachers and principals’ associations staged a joint media briefing in Colombo, highlighting the fact that teachers, students and parents, have been inconvenienced by the new voucher system.

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