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  • Le Plagiat académique: comprendre pour agir

    Le traitement du plagiat dans l'univers académique paraît insurmontable car il renvoie l'académique et le juridique dos à dos. Cet ouvrage propose une méthodologie concrète de compréhension et d'action tant pour les acteurs, plagiés et plagieurs, que...

    Bergadaà, Michelle

    Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015

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    3,000 Bihar teachers quit fearing action over fake degrees


    Indo-Asian News Service - Times of India

    About 3,000 schoolteachers in Bihar, who allegedly used fake degree certificates to get jobs, have resigned till date apprehending legal action. Earlier, the state government admitted that it recruited more than 300,000 contract teachers without verifying their educational and professional degrees. The petitioner of the probe said he has collected documents as evidence through Right to Information queries to prove that thousands of teachers used forged degrees to get jobs.

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    Teachers, Principals with fake documents exposed


    Decontee M. Wesseh - Liberia News Agency

    About 350 public school teachers and 11 principals with fake documents have been exposed, according to the Montserrado County Education Officer. Many Liberians have attributed the poor standard of the country’s educational system to its infiltration by unqualified individuals.

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    Ministry to scrutinize civil servants’ docs


    Fedina S. Sundaryani - The Jakarta Post

    After a higher education institution in Jakarta was found issuing fake degrees, the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry said that any civil servants possessing such counterfeit documents would face demotion. Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister said on Tuesday that the ministry’s inspectorate was examining the validity of its own civil servants’ degrees and would soon send a notification to every ministry to do the same.

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    Foreign institutions warned over PhD admissions


    Francis Kokutse - University World News

    Foreign tertiary institutions in Ghana have been directed by the National Accreditation Board to ensure that only students with certificates awarded by institutions accredited by the board be admitted to PhD courses. It is also concerned about a spate of honorary degrees awarded to personalities by some unaccredited or unqualified institutions.

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    Grappling with a plagiarism problem in universities


    Munyaradzi Makoni - University World News

    Banishing academic dishonesty could help Mozambique nurture original thinkers who are economically efficient and socially suited to develop the country. But this will only be possible if administrators work with professors and students to build strong measures to combat widespread plagiarism, which is hampering the production of quality graduates.

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    Vyapam: India's deadly medical school exam scandal


    Soutik Biswas - BBC News

    A medical school admission examinations scandal in India has turned into a veritable whodunit with thousands of arrests, mysterious deaths and the suspected involvement of top politicians and bureaucrats.

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    U.S. schools expelled 8,000 Chinese students

    USA, China

    Lian Qi - Wall Street Journal

    As tens of thousands of Chinese students prepare to study in the U.S., they might reflect on the experience of some of those who went before them. According to an estimate by a U.S. education company, some 8,000 Chinese students were expelled from American universities last year alone – and the main reasons were poor grades and cheating.

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    Universities embroiled in foreign student 'feeding frenzy' driven by corrupt middlemen


    Linton Besser, Peter Cronau and Hagar Cohen - ABC News

    Australian universities are paying more than an estimated $250 million each year to unregulated middlemen for the recruitment of international students, despite widespread acknowledgement that a number of these agents are corrupt and deal in fraudulent documents.

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