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    179 professors indicted in research publishing scam

    Korea R

    Unsoo Jung - University World News

    In an unprecedented crackdown on academic misconduct, as many as 179 university professors from some 110 universities in South Korea were indicted on Monday after an extensive criminal investigation into a huge copyright scam. The professors have been charged with republishing existing textbooks written by others under their own names by modifying the covers with the alleged connivance of the publishing companies.

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    Universities questioned over alleged 'gaming' of research rankings


    Matthew Knott - The Sydney Morning Herald

    Several universities are being threatened with tough penalties for allegedly providing data that would artificially boost their performance on prestigious research rankings used to allocate government funding. The Australian Research Council has written stern letters to several universities warning them they face punishments for providing misleading data for their research excellence assessments, including prosecution under Commonwealth law.

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    Universities need balance in accepting corporate money


    Simona Chiose - The Globe and Mail

    More Canadian institutions will face controversy over the influence of donors on programmes if they do not rethink their relationship with private funders, warn academics who have studied the relationship between donations and educational institutions. This is following a string of cases over the past decade that have led academics across the country to criticize postsecondary institutions that appear to be willing to share control over their research agenda with private donors.

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    Show us the money: universities called to explain how they spend funds


    Matthew Knott - The Sydney Morning Herald

    Education Minister wants to make universities more accountable for how they spend their money after it was revealed billions of dollars a year are redirected from teaching to research. A report by the Grattan Institute found that universities report the $26 billion they spend each year in an "opaque" way, concluding: "Australia needs a more transparent system for reporting how universities spend their money."

  • Teaching research integrity in higher education: policy and strategy

    Recently published research suggested that university academics have qualitatively disparate views on some key aspects of teaching research integrity within the broader construct of academic integrity and surprisingly ambiguous views on others. In...

    Shephard, Kerry, Trotman, Tiffany, Furnari, Mary, Löfström, Erika


  • Le Plagiat académique: comprendre pour agir

    Le traitement du plagiat dans l'univers académique paraît insurmontable car il renvoie l'académique et le juridique dos à dos. Cet ouvrage propose une méthodologie concrète de compréhension et d'action tant pour les acteurs, plagiés et plagieurs, que...

    Bergadaà, Michelle

    Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015

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    Stop this plagiarism plague


    Munawar A Anees and Maryam Iraj - University World News

    The academic spectrum across several Pakistani universities has become infected with the deadly plague of plagiarism. Academic integrity seems to have melted in the heat of churning out research papers to receive more grants, promotions and other benefits.

  • Plagiarism in academics: examining the issues, incidence and intent

    Plagiarism defies a conclusive definition. Whereas the law-makers of the land have indirectly touched upon the issue while discussing Copyright infringements, a go-to legal definition of plagiarism per se continues to elude us. As a result, legal...

    Mishra, Preeti Vivek

    National Council of Educational Research and Training, 2015

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    Varsities told to cap PhD guides and check plagiarism


    Basant Kumar Mohanty - The Telegraph, India

    Universities may attract penalty, including a freeze of grants, if its teachers are found to be guiding more than eight PhD students at any given point in time as part of a drive to plug lacunae in research. The University Grants Commission will ask all universities to have anti-plagiarism software to ensure that the thesis papers reflect genuine research. The step assumes significance against the backdrop of some agencies offering their services to research scholars to draft theses for them for a fee.

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