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  • Power, discourse, ethics: a policy study of academic freedom

    In this unique study, emerging higher education leader and policy expert Kenneth D. Gariepy takes a Foucauldian genealogical approach to the study of the intellectually “free” subject through the analysis of selected academic freedom statement-events...

    Gariepy, Kenneth D.

    Sense Publishers, 2015

  • Institutional corruption in Russian universities

    Corruption as traditionally been a part of Russian higher education reality. This article focuses on the institutional aspects of corruption, arguing that the universities need student numbers, and thus permit a certain amount of corruption to enroll...

    Rumyantseva, Nataliya L.; Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Chestnut Hill, MA, USA, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, 2015

  • Le Plagiat académique: comprendre pour agir

    Le traitement du plagiat dans l'univers académique paraît insurmontable car il renvoie l'académique et le juridique dos à dos. Cet ouvrage propose une méthodologie concrète de compréhension et d'action tant pour les acteurs, plagiés et plagieurs, que...

    Bergadaà, Michelle

    Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015

  • Newspaper

    Ministry to scrutinize civil servants’ docs


    Fedina S. Sundaryani - The Jakarta Post

    After a higher education institution in Jakarta was found issuing fake degrees, the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry said that any civil servants possessing such counterfeit documents would face demotion. Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister said on Tuesday that the ministry’s inspectorate was examining the validity of its own civil servants’ degrees and would soon send a notification to every ministry to do the same.

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    Scandals put teaching of economics in the dock


    Maria Elena Hurtado - University world news

    The spate of financial scandals that are rocking Chile have stirred a wholesome debate in the country on the importance of ethics in the teaching of economics. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s economics and administration faculty has been under the spotlight since three of its former students, previously hailed as 'star students', were prosecuted and jailed for a week pending trial for tax fraud and other financial crimes

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    Combatting corruption in higher education in Armenia


    - EAP-PCF News

    The Council of Europe and European Union joint project “Strengthening Integrity and Combating Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia” was launched in Yerevan on 27 May 2015. The Project objective is to support the development of prevention and integrity mechanisms for practicing professionals and to increase good governance in the field of higher education in Armenia.

  • Newspaper

    Foreign institutions warned over PhD admissions


    Francis Kokutse - University World News

    Foreign tertiary institutions in Ghana have been directed by the National Accreditation Board to ensure that only students with certificates awarded by institutions accredited by the board be admitted to PhD courses. It is also concerned about a spate of honorary degrees awarded to personalities by some unaccredited or unqualified institutions.

  • Newspaper

    Grappling with a plagiarism problem in universities


    Munyaradzi Makoni - University World News

    Banishing academic dishonesty could help Mozambique nurture original thinkers who are economically efficient and socially suited to develop the country. But this will only be possible if administrators work with professors and students to build strong measures to combat widespread plagiarism, which is hampering the production of quality graduates.

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