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    In Paris, a business school was an illegal immigrant factory

    France, China

    Christophe Cornevin - Le Figaro

    One of the biggest Chinese illegal immigrant networks ever discovered in France was centred on a private business school based in the XVth arrondissement. This network made it possible to channel between 500 and 1000 Chinese immigrants into France annually, mostly young men between the ages of 20 and 25. Once in France, fake certificates attesting to their student status, report cards and diplomas allowed them to establish themselves permanently, without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

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    Corruption, extortion, war – Welcome to Ukraine


    Ararat L Osipian - University World News

    Ukraine has little to offer international students. The quality of education offered is low, there is endless red tape and corruption is rife. Over the past quarter century, the quality of education offered has dropped dramatically due not only to a lack of state funding and a consequent brain drain, but primarily to rampant endemic corruption. Failed structural reforms and institutional incapacity in higher education have left Ukrainian youth without any hope of receiving world-class education and have had a negative impact on international students as well.

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    A secure card instead of a diploma to fight against fraud


    Hugues Lefèvre - Le Figaro

    At the end of November, for the first time, 500 of INSA Toulouse most recent graduates received a secure card which attested to the authenticity of their engineering degree at their graduation ceremony. The aim of the operation is to fight against cheating and forgery. The cards given to the students are protected against forgery by a nanoparticle marker which is invisible to the naked eye.

  • Mapping corruption risks in Kosovo’s education sector


    UNDP and IIEP have developed a Corruption Risk Assessment for Kosovo’s education sector to help build integrity.

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    Oxford criticized over oligarch's £75m donation


    Luke Harding - The Guardian

    Oxford University has been urged in an open letter to review its decision to accept £75m from Britain’s richest man to build the Blavatnik School of Government. The letter also urges the university to carry out urgent “transparency and procedural reforms” with regard to foreign donations.

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    Mass-produced PhDs lie at heart of Russia’s ‘plague’ of doctoral fraud

    Russian Federation

    Jack Grove - Times Higher Education

    Academic ‘scallywags’ are gaining doctorates thanks to the circulation of dodgy theses within some universities, says the founder of plagiarism pressure group. The extraordinary scale of PhD fraud in Russia can be attributed to the reproduction of near-identical doctoral dissertations within universities, with more than 3,500 falsified theses identified by the anti-plagiarism group Dissernet in the past two years.

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    German Defence Minister denies plagiarism


    - BBC News

    The German Defence Minister has denied claims she plagiarised parts of her doctoral thesis after a crowd-sourced plagiarism hunting website claimed to have found "elements of plagiarism" on 27 of the 62 pages of her 1990 dissertation.

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    Cut and paste cheaters at risk


    Adrien de Tricornot - Le Monde

    Over the last few weeks, the various faculties of the University of Lyon have been doing awareness training with their students on the question of plagiarism. Presented as members of the animal kingdom – sheep, parrots or chameleons, the campaign distinguishes between different types of plagiarists: involuntary, negligent or serious.

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    How Georgia stamped out corruption on campus


    Christofer Berglund, Johan Engvall - Foreign Policy

    Since his election in 2004, the Georgian president has set about reforming the endemically corrupt university system through drastic, but effective, measures. Reforms targeted both the admissions process as well as the quality of higher education itself.

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