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    Kenya: TSC to enforce code of ethics


    Musembi Nsenga - Allafrica

    The Teachers Service Commission is putting in place water-tight measures to enforce performance by teachers and ensure they do not violate professional code of ethics. TSC chairman said teachers will be made to sign the teachers’ code of ethics. The teachers will be required to meet specific targets to ensure they perform to expectations.

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    How students in Cameroon are fighting corruption in schools


    Shilpa Bannerjee - The World Bank

    The ZENU Network set out to fight corruption in 16 high schools across 8 districts in the Western parts of Cameroon by establishing student clubs in schools. One of the tools used was to put in place “corruption observatories.” The activity focused on victims of corruption and provided a whistleblowing mechanism, while pressuring authorities to impose sanctions for corrupt behavior.

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    Four teachers arrested in Tamil Nadu for leaking Class 12 question papers through WhatsApp


    Senthil Senthil Kumaran - Times of India

    Four teachers of a higher secondary school at Hosur in Tamil Nadu were arrested on Friday for allegedly leaking the question paper for the Class 12 board exam through WhatsApp. Police identified the accused who was on exam duty at the Matriculation Higher School on Wednesday. He took the photo of the mathematics question paper with his smartphone and sent it to other teachers through WhatsApp.

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    Exams: the number of plagiarists increases


    Marie-Estelle Puech - Le Figaro

    Plagiarism is increasing at the secondary school level, according to the numbers revealed by the Inter-academic Commission of Ile-de-France. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of cases of plagiarism and copying reported to the disciplinary commissions in Ile-de-France doubled, increasing from 24 to 47. They represented last year 25% of the 188 cases of fraud on exams reported to disciplinary commissions.

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    LACC Resumes anti-corruption campaign in schools


    - The Inquirer

    The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has resumed its anticorruption campaign at institutions of learning. The campaign is aimed at educating students on the mandate of the Commission and sensitizing them on the effects of corruption and the benefits associated with its eradication.

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    Victorian education department official sacked as corruption inquiry begins


    - The Guardian

    A high-ranking Victorian education department official accused of running a corrupt scheme to siphon off money from school funding has been sacked. Former education department financial management general manager is the first scalp to be claimed by the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption (IBAC) hearings.

  • Keeping Girls At School Program: Impact Evaluation

    The Keeping Girls At School (KGAS) program is an initiative of CARE Rwanda aimed at reducing the number of girls who drop out of secondary school and increasing the share of girls that transit from lower to upper secondary education. CARE Rwanda and...

    Laterite Ltd, 2015

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