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    But you don't like to read. Why do you want to go to Harvard



    Erika Fry - CNN Money

    Padding college applications is virtually as old as higher education itself. But many undergraduate and graduate officials say that in recent years there's been a spike in problematic submissions, especially from emerging markets, where the families of the elite and the growing middle..

  • Transparency and fight against corruption in education in DRC


    IIEP led a workshop in Kisantu (Bas-Congo), from 12 to 14 November 2014 on “Transparency and accountability in the education sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo” (DRC).

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    End of term examination: When ghost students perform better



    Yaboa Ndula Muntech - Allafrica

    Most secondary school authorities handed over the first term report cards to their students with various remarks. Those who attended classes regularly and worked hard during the term had good averages while others who played games and occupied drinking spots during school hours brought home fake report cards to impress their parents. The "ghost" students were last Friday seen in cyber cafés scanning and modifying their reports cards.

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    Indian police arrest 1,000 suspected of having participated in massive cheating on end-of-term exams, a scandal that shocked the country and the Web.



    Barthélémy Gaillard - AFD

    Scandal and large scale cheating. Images of dozens of parents climbing the walls of an examination building to help their children was a scandal and spread like gun powder on the Web. Dozens of persons, mobile telephones and cheat sheets in hand, were to be seen hanging onto window sills of a building where end-of-term exams were being held.

  • Parental human capital and effective school management: evidence from The Gambia

    Education systems in developing countries are often centrally managed in a top-down structure. In environments where schools have different needs and where localized information plays an important role, empowerment of the local community may be...

    Blimpo, Moussa Pouguinimpo, Evans, David, Lahire, Nathalie

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2015

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    Education ministry to establish toll free line



    Frederick Kiwanuka - New Vision

    UPE parents will soon be able to report school malpractices using a toll free line which the Ministry of education is establishing. The state minister for primary education said parents with complaints will be reporting directly to his office using the toll free line.

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    The traditional “thank the teacher” present has become a lucrative market



    Antoine Sillières - Le Figaro

    Between the end of year fête and the start of the summer holidays, it is traditional for teachers to receive small gifts from parents and students as a thank-you for the past year. To the delight of chocolate makers, florists and many more.

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    Information on schools, teachers and students to be online soon



    Vinamrata Borwankar - Times of India

    Information related to students, teachers and schools will be a click away, from this academic year. The information will soon be available on a website hosted by the National Informatics Centre. The student database will help teachers and parents concentrate on learning levels. The online database will also be used to arrest the drop-out rate among students.

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