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  • Budget ouvert : budgets participatifs des écoles au Portugal

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    Cette étude de cas porte sur les budgets participatifs des écoles (BPE) mis en œuvre à l’initiative du ministère de l’Éducation du Portugal depuis 2017.

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    Governments harm children’s rights in online learning


    Human Rights Watch - Human Rights Watch

    A Human Rights Watch report revealed that during the Covid-19 school closures, governments in 49 of the world's most populous countries violated children's rights by approving and enabling the widespread adoption of EdTech products. Children have been forced to pay for their learning at the cost of their rights to privacy and access to information. Of the 164 EdTech products examined, 146 (89%) monitored children's personal data secretly and without the consent of children or their parents, both inside and outside their virtual classrooms and on the internet.

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    Universities cancel admission of ex-minister’s daughter

    Korea R

    The Chosunilbo - University World News

    Pusan National University announced the decision to revoke the 2015 admission of the former justice minister’s daughter to its medical school because her parents doctored her credentials. The admission regulations stipulate that applicants cannot be admitted if their documentation is false, and it can be cancelled even decades after graduation if fraud is discovered.

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    The ministry of education warns schools against unlawful moves


    - All Africa

    The Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that the supplementary fees for security guards at schools are entirely voluntary. However, schools preventing children from attending class because their parents have not made such payments will be punished by the Law. The MoE also reported corruptions scandals in the Southern province of Inhambane, such as the sale of fake certificates or the rigging of examination marks for the Teachers Training Centre admission charged 780 US dollars.

  • IIEP Policy Forum on open government to accelerate accountability in education


    Open government initiatives have proliferated in recent years, offering new ways to make decision-making more transparent and inclusive within society at large. IIEP-UNESCO’s upcoming Policy Forum on open government in education will provide an important platform for discussion on how to design and implement open government initiatives that can help ensure equitable and quality inclusive education for all.

  • Open government in education: school management committees in Sub-Saharan Africa

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    This study demonstrates the coexistence of a liberal approach, by opening up school governance to the community and a more regulated approach enabling a balance between the players. It highlights difficulties in coordinating school management committees (SMCs) with parents' associations, the lack of expertise of their members, the absence of representation of the most disadvantaged and a lack of accountability of the SMCs themselves.

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