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  • Scientific integrity referents: the example of Inserm in France

    Ghislaine Filliatreau


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    Stealing other people’s writing just got harder

    France, Netherlands, India

    Brian Blum - Isreael21c

    A survey of 51,000 college and high school students reveals that the average percentage of plagiarism before and after Covid increased from 26% to 45% in the Netherlands, from 37% to 49% in France and from 42% to 53% in India. The new anti-plagiarism software CopyLeaks uses Artificial Intelligence to detect plagiarism and copyright infringement. CopyLeaks can be used as a site license purchased by a school, institution, or publication, by individual writers who pay based on the number of words and pages checked.

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    Chapman professor suing students who tried to cheat on his exams


    Scott Schwebke - The Orange County Register

    Chapman University professor is suing a group of students who posted two of his exams on an education-based document-sharing website to solicit in advance answers to several essay questions. According to the civil complaint filed in U.S. District Court, the professor is seeking damages for copyright infringement and ethical violation of Chapman’s honour code. The tests contained a warning that they were copyright protected.

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    Retired prof lands court blow to academic database giant


    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    The comprehensive database of academic journals, newspapers, and research papers, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), has lost a legal battle over copyright infringement after a retired professor of economic history accused it of uploading more than 160 of his articles without permission or payment. Beijing Intellectual Property Court has forced the academic platform to remove his papers, pay him more than CNY700,000 (US$110,000) in compensation.

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    Copyright violations, plagiarism affect Bangladesh’s higher education quality


    Anadolu Agency - The Express Tribune

    To promote their academic position and for other financial benefits, many teachers including university professors, submit their thesis papers based on plagiarism. Last January, three professors at Dhaka University were dismissed following accusations of plagiarism in their research work. In the last five years at least 10 teachers of the same institution have also been accused of plagiarism or violation of copyright rules in their research works.

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    University lobbies for retraction of unethical AI study


    ABC News - University World News

    Curtin University implicated in unethical research using facial recognition technology to identify Uyghur and Tibetan minorities has lobbied unsuccessfully for the publishers to retract it on several occasions. An internal review of research by a resigned professor at the university found that he breached several ethical codes, including failing to obtain informed consent and approval. The article remains online although Curtin University deputy vice-chancellor has urged the publisher to remove all references to the university.

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    Delhi University principal accused of plagiarism


    Mohammad Ibrar - The Times of India

    The principal of Zakir Husail Delhi College has been promoted to his current designation through dubious and fraudulent means. To meet the eligibility to the post of principal, he plagiarized his work, copied full papers of other authors without mentioning or giving credit. A letter of complaint signed by several academic council members has sent to University Grants Commission.

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    Plagiarism: A symptom of a much larger problem in our culture


    Namia Akhtar - The Daily Star

    Academic fraud takes place in epic proportions in Bangladesh, from copying music to copying homework and buying readymade thesis. Contract cheating and plagiarism are not only widespread among students, but it is also practiced by some faculty members of Dhaka University. Also, there are many incidents of the student wing of political parties forcing professors to pass them in an exam after submitting a wrong answer script or without even appearing for it.

  • Strengthen integrity and combat corruption in higher education


    A group of officials from Kosovo* participated in a study visit to learn from Switzerland’s experience in promoting integrity in higher education.

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