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  • Newspaper

    Role of universities in the fight against corruption

    Marcus Tannenberg - University World news

    Last September, a declaration aimed at mainstreaming ethics and anti-corruption in higher education was endorsed by the 68 member universities of the Compostela Group of Universities and subsequently also by the World University Consortium and the World Academy of Art and Science, a global network of 700+ university

  • Newspaper

    Doubt over quality of Italy-based journal

    - Times Live

    An academic journal accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training has come under scrutiny after failing a peer review test.

  • Newspaper

    Are double/multiple degrees really "discount degrees"?

    Jane Knight - University World News

    The number of double or multiple degree programmes is growing and opinion is divided on whether they are beneficial or an example of academic fraud. A proper debate is needed on standards and quality so they do not become dismissed as "discount degrees".

  • New ways to measure institutionalised grand corruption in public procurement

    Public procurement, one of the largest areas of public spending worldwide, gives public officials wide discretion. It is therefore unsurprising that it is also one of the government functions most often vulnerable to corruption. While there have been...

    Tóth, István János; Fazekas, Mihály

    Bergen, Chr. Michelsen Institute, 2014

  • Newspaper

    Closing the loop through education

    Harutyun Aleksanyan - Integrity Action

    Education is an important component of integrity building in any society to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity. Universities have a unique role in teaching and preparing future professionals for the workplace with all its challenges. Education is a necessary and important component and tool for carrying out the Community Integrity Building (CIB) approach.

  • Newspaper

    Combating ghost schools and other forms of corruption in education

    Muriel Poisson - Thomson Reuters Foundation

    Breaking the silence over corruption in education is a mammoth ongoing task which needs a global united front in order to ensure that education goals are met and that children receive the best possible opportunities when learning.

  • Incentives and accountability in education: a literature review

    This literature review was carried out under an EdData II task order that funds measurement and research support to USAID's Education Strategy Goal 1, 100 million children reading by 2015. It summarizes evidence on incentive and accountability...

    USA. Agency for International Development

    Washington, D.C., USAID, 2014

  • Grabbing in the education sector

    The chapter focusses on multiple forms of grabbing in the education sector of developing countries, drawing on cases and research she has engaged with while working to support developing countries' education systems. The discussion of grabbing...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Edward Elgar, 2014

  • How corruption puts higher education at risk

    Global attention begin in the 1990s with definitions and questions as to how common education corruption was; it then expanded to include the differences from one to another region, ranging from financial corruption and student plagiarism to sexual...

    Heyneman, Stephen P.


  • Publishing government contracts: addressing concerns and easing implementation

    Government contracts regarding the use of public property and finances should be published by default. Many jurisdictions already require that contracts be made public in response to requests for the information; some now publish contracts...

    Center for Global Development (USA)

    Washington, D.C., Center for Global Development (USA), 2014

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