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  • Newspaper

    Cheating scandal: Sydney University to review medical study unit



    Natalie O'Brien ; Alexandra Smith - The Sydney Morning Herald

    The medical faculty at the University of Sydney will review one of its study units after an academic scandal which involved students falsifying records and interviewing dead patients. A spokeswoman for the university announced it would review its year-long Integrated Population Medicine (IPM), after it was revealed students had falsified reports that were supposed to document the experience of patients living with chronic diseases.

  • Newspaper

    Former Iowa State University Scientist sentenced to over 4 Years for Faking HIV vaccine results



    Vishakha Sonawane - International Business Times

    A former Iowa State University researcher who fabricated the results of an experimental HIV vaccine was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison recently. He was also ordered to pay US$7.2 million to the US National Institutes of Health that funded the research.

  • Corruption, grabbing and development

    All societies develop their own norms about what is fair behaviour and what is not. Violations of these norms, including acts of corruption, can collectively be described as forms of `grabbing'. This unique volume addresses how grabbing hinders...

    Søreide, Tina, Williams, Aled

    Cheltenham (UK), Edward Elgar, 2014

  • Teacher's absenteeism in primary schools in Cameroon

    The article focuses on the absenteeism of teachers in primary schools in Cameroon. It cites the study by Transparency International (TI) Cameroon which selected a sample of 30 government primary schools from the Centre Region. It states that the...

    Ngwé, Gabriel

    Yaounde, Transparency International, 2013

  • National survey on users of public services and public administrators on the impact of anti-corruption activities: the case of the South West region

    This document presents the result of a survey undertaken by the National Anti-Corruption Coalition on the impact of anti-corruption activities in public service instititutions and local government councils in South West Region of Cameroon. The report...

    International Governance Institute-Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon

    Buea (Cameroon), IGI-FITCAM, 2015

  • Mapas sectoriales de riesgos de corrupción: sector Educación

    En la primera parte de este documento se hace una descripción metodológica del ejercicio que funciona como guía para la lectura de los mapas de riesgos sectoriales de corrupción, seguidamente se presentan los mapas de riesgos de corrupción para los...

    Departamento Administrativo de la Presidencia de la República (Colombia), Secretaría de Transparencia (Colombia), UNDP

    Bogotá, DAPRE, 2014

  • IIEP contributes to G20 debates on corruption


    The fight against corruption was featured high on the G20 agenda in Brisbane (15-16 November 2014). “High-level principles on corruption and growth” were discussed by the Anti-Corruption Working Group, which was established in 2010 “in recognition of the significant impact of corruption on economic growth, trade and development”.

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