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    Ethiopia: Universities urged to produce ethical graduates and avoid corruption


    - Addis Standard

    The second university ethics and good governance movement summit has kicked off yesterday in Jimma University. Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission Head said universities should pay equal attention to producing ethical graduates as much as training competent ones. The Head added major construction projects at universities, bids on purchases, student canteen services, etc. should be based on accountability and transparency.

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    It's your school: Keeping Mexico's education system transparent


    Rafael Garcia Aceves - Transparency International

    Last December, 1,055 high school communities around Mexico – comprising almost 1.3 million students – engaged in a transparency and accountability exercise. This involves each principal of public high schools completing three electronic forms covering more than 100 indicators. These range from income and expenditure, to enrolment and academic performance, to the condition of school equipment and infrastructure.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption on college campuses


    Shen Nianzu - The Economic Observer

    14 university officials have been investigated for corruption in Jiangxi Province over the past five years, including three university presidents. Due to a huge influx in college admissions, universities nationwide are undergoing massive expansions allowing many opportunities for graft during construction.

  • Combatting corruption in education on a global front

    Muriel Poisson


  • Grabbing in the education sector

    The chapter focusses on multiple forms of grabbing in the education sector of developing countries, drawing on cases and research she has engaged with while working to support developing countries' education systems. The discussion of grabbing...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Edward Elgar, 2014

  • Newspaper

    Cameroon: Basic education - Checking corruption in constructions


    Victorine Biy - Cameroon Tribune

    Members of the National Anti-Corruption Coalition (CNLCC), a satellite of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) – a concertation forum of activities of civil society associations created in 2008 – has carried out a field inspection mission of classroom construction projects found throughout the national territory.

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    Blida: recuperation of several properties benefits the education sector


    - Algerie Presse Service

    The identification of all the properties originally meant for the education sector in Blida which had been diverted from their original purpose has, over the past few years, allowed for important assets to be recover for the sector and those that work within it, indicated the head of education of the Wilaya on Monday. The operation, which has been going on for two years throughout the Wilaya, has enabled the recovery of a number of land assets and their exploitation for the good of the education sector.

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    Public organizations report on corruption with budget funds allocated for schools in Ukraine


    - Interfax Ukraine

    Non-governmental organizations (NGO) have stated there are corruption schemes in the Ministry of Education and Science related to budget funds allocated for the needs of schools. According to the leader of NGO Maidan Information the Ministry of Education issued an order, according to which only one firm can supply school equipment. He noted that most equipment in schools have not been updated since the Soviet times, therefore it is unclear what happens with the UAH 200 million in state funds set aside for this purpose.

  • Newspaper

    Editorial comment: Action needed on corrupt elements


    - The Herald

    The ongoing Government audit of schools across the country has unearthed massive abuse of levies collected from parents and guardians purportedly to fund development of learning infrastructure. From the 1 800 (18 percent) schools audited so far, there are indications of massive doctoring of accounting records by the schools.

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