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    179 professors indicted in research publishing scam

    Korea R

    Unsoo Jung - University World News

    In an unprecedented crackdown on academic misconduct, as many as 179 university professors from some 110 universities in South Korea were indicted on Monday after an extensive criminal investigation into a huge copyright scam. The professors have been charged with republishing existing textbooks written by others under their own names by modifying the covers with the alleged connivance of the publishing companies.

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    Loophole-ridden retirement system threatens higher education

    Taiwan China

    Christine Chou - The China Post

    Having barely recovered from the protests over history curriculum in July, the Ministry of Education finds itself under heat again. This time, over failing to prevent the undue influence of high-ranking officials who serve in positions at private universities right after their retirement. Twenty-one officials who retired from the MOE allegedly assumed positions at private colleges in the past 20 years. Some are said to be receiving lucrative sums in addition to their retirement pensions, while others are said to be well past retirement age.

  • Teaching research integrity in higher education: policy and strategy

    Recently published research suggested that university academics have qualitatively disparate views on some key aspects of teaching research integrity within the broader construct of academic integrity and surprisingly ambiguous views on others. In...

    Shephard, Kerry, Trotman, Tiffany, Furnari, Mary, Löfström, Erika


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    Scandals put teaching of economics in the dock


    Maria Elena Hurtado - University world news

    The spate of financial scandals that are rocking Chile have stirred a wholesome debate in the country on the importance of ethics in the teaching of economics. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s economics and administration faculty has been under the spotlight since three of its former students, previously hailed as 'star students', were prosecuted and jailed for a week pending trial for tax fraud and other financial crimes

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    Student-help site course Hero raises plagiarism, copyright concerns


    Raffy Boudjikanian - CBC News

    Student plagiarism help site? Academics and administration officials at Concordia and McGill universities are raising concerns over Course Hero, a note-sharing website for students which boasts more than just notes. Looking at only a few of its hundreds of pages, CBC Montreal Investigates found 35 chapters lifted from textbooks, and 56 professors' presentations.

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    Sierra Leone: Procurement irregularities uncovered at education ministry

    Sierra Leone

    Jariatu S. Bangura - AllAfrica

    According to the 2013 Auditor General's report, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology failed to follow procurement rules in the year under review, thus violating the National Public Procurement Authority Act 2004. The report states that procurement procedures were not followed by ministry officials in violation of annual procurement plan of the ministry which stipulates a National Competitive Bidding and International Competitive Bidding methods to procure food for government boarding schools; teaching and learning materials; and textbooks.

  • Etude de capitalisation de l'expérience de l'étude de traçabilité des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso: rapport final définitif mai 2015

    L'étude dont l'objectif central était d'améliorer l'efficacité et l'efficience des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso a passé en revue les goulots d'étranglement qui minent l'exécution efficiente des ressources...

    Burkina Faso. Ministère de l'économie et des finances

    Ouagadougou, AMD, 2015

  • Anti-corruption: implementing curriculum change in management education

    Anti-Corruption presents comprehensive anti-corruption guidelines on how to professionalize anti-corruption education around the world. Written by international business professors and deans, the book guides academic institutions in how to adopt...

    Amann, Wolfgang, Berenbeim, Ronald, Tan, Tay Keong, Kleinhempel, Matthias, Lewis, Alfred, Nieffer, Ruth, Stachowicz-Stanusch, Agata, Tripathi, Shiv

    Sheffield (UK), Greenleaf, 2015

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