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  • Ethique et performance en management public

    Le rapport entre éthique et action publique n’est pas une question neuve en soi. Néanmoins, les attentes en faveur d’une plus forte prise en compte de l’éthique sont à l’heure actuelle plus importantes que jamais, tant est ressenti le besoin de...

    Bartoli, Annie, Mazouz, Bachir, Keramidas, Olivier


  • Governance in education: transparency and accountability matters

    This book presents an international review of initiatives aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the management of education in a variety of domains, including: education financing, teacher appointment and transfer, teacher conduct...

    Hallak, Jacques, Poisson, Muriel

    Battaramulla, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, 2013

  • Live and work with integrity. You can do it!

    This textbook presents integrity in all its forms with both theoretical and practical material to help you understand the importance of acting with integrity.

    Integrity Action


  • Power, discourse, ethics: a policy study of academic freedom

    In this unique study, emerging higher education leader and policy expert Kenneth D. Gariepy takes a Foucauldian genealogical approach to the study of the intellectually “free” subject through the analysis of selected academic freedom statement-events...

    Gariepy, Kenneth D.

    Sense Publishers, 2015

  • Silenced, expelled, imprisoned: repression of students and academics in Iran

    This report is based on research that Amnesty International conducted using a wide range of private and public sources. This included in-depth interviews with more than 50 individuals, both women and men, with direct knowledge of Iran's universities...

    Amnesty International

    Amnesty International Ltd, 2014

  • Academic integrity: a review of the literature

    This article provides a literature review on academic integrity, which encompasses the values, behaviour and conduct of academics in all aspects of their practice. This is a growing area of academic research as a result of the expansion of higher...

    Macfarlane, Bruce; Zhang, JingJing Zhang; Pun, Annie


  • Degrees of integrity: the threat of corruption in higher education

    Corruption in higher education is the focus of growing international concern among governments, educators, students, and other stakeholders. Those working in higher education institutions now face a unique convergence of pressures that is creating a...

    Chapman, David; Lindner, Samira


  • Institutional corruption in Russian universities

    Corruption as traditionally been a part of Russian higher education reality. This article focuses on the institutional aspects of corruption, arguing that the universities need student numbers, and thus permit a certain amount of corruption to enroll...

    Rumyantseva, Nataliya L.; Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Chestnut Hill, MA, USA, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, 2015

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