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    Claim of "widespread corruption" in Spain


    Paul Jump - Times Higher Education

    A Spanish university has denied that disciplinary proceedings against one of its professors are a response to a book he wrote alleging corruption at the institution. A professor of education at the University of Murcia has been accused of absenteeism and could face dismissal.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption exceeds social services budget


    - IRIN

    Swaziland's Minister of Finance has told the Senate that each year the country loses nearly double the annual social services budget to corruption. He estimated that about US$10.6 million a month was disappearing – amounting to about US$128 million annually - while the government's 2010/11 budget allocated US$75 million to social services, including US$24.2 million for education.

  • Newspaper

    PCCB set to inject anti-graft subject in school syllabuses

    Tanzania UR

    Pius Rugonzibwa - Daily News

    The government has launched an education plan that will see corruption becoming a subject in primary and secondary schools as well as in teacher training college syllabuses in the country.

  • Newspaper

    Teaching certificate sales may be rife


    Lamphai Intathep - Bangkok Post

    Up to 80 state and private universities may be involved in selling teacher certificates or offering courses without accreditation, according to authorities. The Office of the Higher Education Commission (Ohec), which is investigating a university in Khon Kaen province found to have sold professional teacher certificates to graduates, said it would widen its probe to 77 other providers which had produced an unusually high number of teaching graduates.

  • Newspaper

    Investigation into national exam "scam"


    Suzan Fraser - Associated Press

    Turkish prosecutors are investigating allegations of possible cheating and favouritism in the annual university entrance exam sat by 1.7 million students on 27 March. Suspicions were raised this week after a lawyer discovered a formula for correct answers for multiple-choice maths questions on one exam.

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    Donors slash government aid over corruption


    Patience Ahimbisibwe - All Africa

    The Uganda government was last evening left searching for alternative sources of funding following the withdrawal of support to the education sector by one of its key donors. The Dutch government announced it was withdrawing funding to a tune of nearly Shs50b (14 million Euro), citing concerns over persistent corruption, poor public financial management and poor standards.

  • Newspaper

    University of Wales abolished after visa scandal


    Julie Henry - The Telegraph

    The University of Wales will cease to exist after mounting a series of damaging revelations. An investigation revealed last week that overseas students at Rayat London College, in Hounslow, were sold diploma exam answers in advance of taking the test.

  • Newspaper

    Leighton Andrews: University of Wales 'let Wales down'


    Ciaran Jenkins - BBC News

    An Education Minister says the University of Wales has let down higher education in Wales and brought the nation "into disrepute". His criticism comes after a watchdog's report told the university to review its worldwide college links, which include in particular a college in Bangkok said to be operating illegally.

  • Newspaper

    Probe into Scottish university visa scam


    Kate Devlin - The Herald

    The Immigration Minister admitted yesterday there may be widespread abuses of a visa scheme that provides foreign students with the chance to enrol at UK institutions after irregularities were found at a Scottish university.

  • Newspaper

    Call for Welsh universities to unite on plagiarism


    Polly March - BBC News

    There have been calls for Welsh universities to be more consistent in dealing with students who plagiarise. New figures show between 2008 and 2011, 927 students from six Welsh universities copied work.

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