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    Former exam administrator gets probation in bribery scheme


    - WTOP

    A former administrator from Houston Independent School District was sentenced to one year of probation for her involvement in the admission scandal that ensnared wealthy parents across the country. She was accused of taking bribes from the admission consultant at the center of the scheme in exchange for allowing someone to sit exams on behalf of their clients ‘children or correct their answers. 50 more people were arrested last year in the scheme, in which authorities say undeserving kids were admitted to top universities with bogus athletic credentials or fake test scores.

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    Legislators have plan to combat ‘Varsity Blues’ UC admissions fraud scandal


    David Taure - Gvwire

    The University of California system inappropriately admitted 64 wealthy and well-connected students as favors to donors, family, and friends and denied applicants that are more qualified an equal opportunity to education. 55 people were charged with bribery and fraud to secure admission included faking credentials of student-athletes.

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    Sarasota County School District falsified records and wrongfully placed numerous students in special needs program


    Jessica Ward - ABC News

    The Florida Department of Education revealed that the Sarasota County School District falsified records and placed students on alternate assessment to avoid state testing or accountability in order to benefit financially. Investigators found that 27 of 66 sampled students’ files did not include sufficient documentation to demonstrate that they were placed correctly.

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    Students are caught in a currency exchange trap


    Al-Fanar-Medi - University World News

    Private universities in Yemen charge tuition fees in US dollars and create their own currency exchange rates, causing many students to drop out of school. Until 2017, the Central Bank of Yemen in Sanaa set the price of the dollar at 250 Yemeni rials. However, private universities in Taiz set the exchange rate at 400 rials for a dollar and the universities of Aden at 500. Other private universities require students in Aden to pay in dollars and do not accept rials. This forces students to resort to the black market, with an exchange rate of 820 rials per dollar.

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    Right to education frauds go unchecked as schools, officials don’t press charges


    Abhishek Choudhari - The Times of India

    Since its implementation in 2012, the Right to Education admissions has been riddled with fraudulent applicants. For the current academic year, the government has asked the parents for a signed affidavit claiming responsibility for the genuineness of the documents. Despite being informed of criminal prosecution if their documents are found to be fake, parents with sound background have been shamelessly lied to receive free school admission meant for those on a low income.

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    State auditor finds dozens of improper college admissions


    CNN - University World News

    64 candidates were unfairly enrolled at the University of California between 2013 and 2019 because of their personal or family ties to donors and academic staff. The state auditor reports that the university has undermined the fairness and integrity of its admissions process and has denied more qualified students the opportunity to be enrolled.

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    Woman charged with creating false diplomas, $100K loan fraud


    - Businnes Observer

    The director of the Training Domain, an educational institution in Fort Meyers designed to improve students ‘employability skills, has been charged with 10 counts of wire fraud and one count of Federal Student Assistance (FSA) fraud. From July 2017 to April 2019, she assisted students in applying for financial aid but instead of using the loan and grant proceeds to hold classes and for other educational expenses, the director kept the FSA fund and split them with students. She also created false and fraudulent high school diplomas.

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    Report blames district for online enrollment fraud


    - The Herald

    An audit reveals that Indiana Virtual School and Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy wrongly received $68.7 million in state payments by improperly claiming students as enrolled between 2011 and 2019 even though they had no online course activity. The two schools operated under shared administration and declared 7,200 students last year. However, they closed last summer after national officials cut off funding.

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    Top private university’s admissions irregularities exposed

    Korea R

    Aimee Chung - University World News

    An audit conducted at Yonsei University In Seoul revealed 86 cases of irregularities including unfair admissions, evaluations, and recruitment issues, as well as allegations of misappropriation of university funds by professors who used the university ‘corporate cards’ to pay for nightclub entertainment and golf. Twenty-six staff and faculty members are subject to disciplinary action, and eight cases have been filed for violations of regulations including allegations of misconduct or embezzlement and violations of private school laws.

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