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  • The Global corruption report 2006

    The 2006 Global corruption report focuses on corruption and health. It includes expert reports on: the risks of corruption in different health care systems; the scale of the problem: from high-level corruption in Costa Rica to counterfeit medicines...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2006

  • Newspaper

    $1-Billion pledge for Indian university is smokescreen for business scam



    Shailaja Neelekantan - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    According to an opposition leader, the businessman Agarwal's pledge last week of $1-billion to set up Vedanta University, in the South Indian state of Orissa, is a gimmick to divert attention from his corrupt mining deal with the state's government. The $1-billion pledge, which if realized would be the largest gift ever made to a higher-education institution, is intended to create a multidisciplinary elite university for 100,000 students that would open in 2008.

  • Report on the civil society participation in Textbook Count 3 Makati City

    For the third time, G-Watch of the Ateneo School of Government served as the national coordinator for the civil society participation in the Textbook Count: National Textbook Delivery Program. With support from the Partnership for Transparency Fund...

    Government Watch, Ateneo School of Government (Philippines)

    Makati (Philippines), ASoG, 2006

  • Why is procurement important? (Factsheet)

    In the 1990s corruption was rampant in the Department of Education in the Philippines. The department was unable to deliver the most basic services to its 18 million public school students. Unqualified bidders were over-pricing their school text...

    OECD. Development Assistance Committee

    Paris, OECD, 2006

  • Actes du Colloque Agir contre la corruption: quels droits pour les victimes?

    L'idée qu'au-delà de l'atteinte portée au pacte social et aux libertés fondamentales, la corruption est une violence faite a des personnes, physiques ou morales, qui subissent de fait un préjudice et qui ont droit à obtenir réparation est une idée...

    Transparency International (France)

    Levallois-Perret (France), Transparency International France, 2007

  • The Cost of corruption in higher education

    Corruption was symptomatic of business and government interactions in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union before and during the economic transition of the 1990s. Corruption is difficult to quantify, but the perception of corruption...

    Heyneman, Stephen P., Anderson, Kathryn H., Nuraliyeva, Nazym


  • Democratisation and corruption in Mongolia

    Subsequent to the end of the communist system in 1990, Mongolia has established a democratic regime, and has been assessed as being relatively well governed. However, more recently, corruption has been worsening, despite the continuation of a...

    Fritz, Verena


  • Governance Matters VII: aggregate and individual governance indicators, 1996-2007

    This paper reports on the latest update of the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) research project, covering 212 countries and territories and measuring six dimensions of governance between 1996 and 2007: Voice and Accountability, Political...

    Kaufmann, Daniel, Kraay, Aart, Mastruzzi, Massimo

    Washington D.C., World Bank, 2008

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