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    Universities across the country to go cashless with UGC funds


    Deepika Burli - The Times of India

    Universities across the country may now have to resort to cashless means like bank transfers, cheques and credit/debit cards while making use of periodic funds from University Grants Commission (UGC). The commission said the move was in order to bring in accountability, transparency and seamlessness in the process of transfer of grants. The commission said it has virtually made payments cashless and decreased the interface between stakeholders and employees of the organisation.

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    Take responsibility for ensuring ethical recruitment

    Mark Ashwill - University World News

    It has been argued, that the way to address the problem of unethical student recruitment agencies is to ban them. But are all education agents inherently bad? No. Are there serious issues and potential pitfalls? Absolutely. Although the use of education agents is fraught with potential problems, it is possible to develop ways to address legitimate concerns related to the holy trinity of accountability, integrity and transparency.

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    The importance of moral leadership at universities

    Stephen Heyneman - University World News

    Higher education institutions play a deciding factor in the development of future leadership and national social cohesion. And here higher education leaders play a critical role. They speak publicly about the ethics of their institution; they explain the details of how their institution manages ethical transgressions on the part of administrators, faculty and students; and they are the first to admit when there has been a failure. Leaders of ethical institutions today can be held to account in a way that is unprecedented.

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    Ethics and the developmental university

    Eric Fredua-Kwarteng - University World News

    A developmental university must have well-crafted research ethical standards anchored in principles of democracy, social justice and human rights. Research ethical standards are important as they provide guidelines for researchers to ensure that specific values like integrity, transparency, respect, objectivity and accountability are strictly observed; they generate confidence in and support for research among both domestic and international research communities; and they help establish trust between researchers and research participants.

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    Action Aid enhances accountability capacity in education service delivery


    Arnold Namanja -

    In a bid to promote district level accountability in the delivery of education services, Action Aid has introduced an innovation which will address challenges to achieving high education standards. According to an Action Aid Project Officer in Mangochi, the initiative would address social accountability by working with the district council and building the capacity of various players in decision making positions to understand inclusive and accountable governance.

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    EACC launches report on free primary education programme


    Dickens Luvanda - HiviSasa

    The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) launched a report on the Free Primary Education (FPE) programme, after the Ministry of Education revealed that most schools cannot account for the funds. According to the EACC Chief Executive Officer, the report will help in ensuring accountability in public schools, given that heads of schools will be required to detail how every shilling allocated by the government is spent.

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    How to curb corruption in schools


    Misbahu Bashir - The Daily Trust

    At the opening ceremony of the zonal conference of the Association of Women in Colleges of Education (WICE), the Provost of the College of Education, decried the existence of corrupt practices in schools. He said corruption can be reduced when people embraced the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in public and private transaction. The theme of the conference was: “The role of education in curbing corruption and youth unemployment in the 21st Century.”

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    Universities want transparency in links with industry


    Michael Gardner - University World News

    German university heads have welcomed proposals by the Stifterverband – a network of foundations, businesses and individuals supporting the country’s higher education and research – for improved transparency in collaborations between universities and industry. The recommendations, issued in mid-April, stress the “responsibility of universities, as autonomous institutions, to regularly and appropriately inform the public about their collaborative projects with industry”.

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