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  • Anti-Corruption Forum in Russia


    Muriel Poisson, head of the Research and Development Team at IIEP, was invited to participate in the second Siberian Anti-Corruption Forum devoted to the design and implementation of anti-corruption training for civil servants.

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    Action Aid enhances accountability capacity in education service delivery


    Arnold Namanja - Mana.online

    In a bid to promote district level accountability in the delivery of education services, Action Aid has introduced an innovation which will address challenges to achieving high education standards. According to an Action Aid Project Officer in Mangochi, the initiative would address social accountability by working with the district council and building the capacity of various players in decision making positions to understand inclusive and accountable governance.

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    Educate the educators: the first seminar on transparency and education conducted in Cyprus


    Transparency Cyprus - Transparency International

    The first seminar on "Corruption, Transparency and Education" was held on May 28, 2016 at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus by Transparency International-Cyprus (TI-C). TI-C has included in its Strategic Plan for 2016 the important issue of education in an effort to raise awareness and build capacity for primary school teachers on Transparency, corruption and education. Given the success of the first seminar, TI-C looks forward to conducting more seminars for interested teachers who will act as the force to building capacity for the youngsters and ensure that they will not tolerate corruption.

  • New distance course on transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education


    Following a decade of research on corruption in education, IIEP is launching its second distance course on “Transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education”.

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    Crisis facing Indian higher education – and how Australian universities can help


    Craig Jeffrey - The Conversation

    Although there has been an enormous expansion in higher education in India over the past 30 years there is still a huge problem around quality. In 2013 the Indian government launched a new higher education improvement programme. Australian universities can help by: training staff, rooting out corruption, sharing knowledge on access, and establishing research partnerships.

  • International anti-corruption day


    Corrupt practices, such as the misappropriation of educational funds or asking for illegal school fees, can cause significant financial losses to a country’s education budget and represent an unbearable burden for the world’s poorest. Improving transparency and accountability and introducing anti-corruption measures is therefore of utmost importance to improve access, equity and efficiency in the education sector.

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