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  • Report on the civil society participation in Textbook Count 3 Makati City

    For the third time, G-Watch of the Ateneo School of Government served as the national coordinator for the civil society participation in the Textbook Count: National Textbook Delivery Program. With support from the Partnership for Transparency Fund...

    Government Watch, Ateneo School of Government (Philippines)

    Makati (Philippines), ASoG, 2006

  • Resetear la sociedad: ideas de los jóvenes sobre la corrupción

    Esta publicación desarrolla un completo diagnóstico cuali-cuantitativo sobre las ideas de los jóvenes acerca de la corrupción, los valores ciudadanos y la ética pública. La investigación fue realizada en escuelas secundarias, en el marco de un...

    Gamallo, Gustavo, Baragli, Néstor

    Buenos Aires, Oficina Anticorrupción, 2007

  • Managing corruption in higher education in Moldova

    The Ministry of Education and Youth (MET) has recently become more active in addressing academic corruption, and on January 18, 2007, an action plan to prevent and combat corruption in the education system was authorized in collaboration with the...

    Valentino, Vanessa


  • Newspaper

    100,000 fake certificates found in Bihar


    - News track India

    Over 100,000 fake certificates of various Indian universities have been found in a Bihar town. The absence of industries and other business opportunities forces young men and women in Bihar to apply for jobs in government-run schools and also resort to fake certificates. Only two days ago, the government had rejected more than four million applications to check a fake degree racket and other irregularities during a teacher recruitment drive for government-run schools.

  • Newspaper

    Student led anti-corruption campaign hits Yerevan campuses


    - HETQ

    The "Miasin" youth movement has launched an anti-corruption drive in several of Yerevan's colleges and universities that features the photographs of bribe-taking teachers being pasted. On the walls of buildings located next to Yerevan State University there are photos of at least twenty faculty and administration members with the word "bribe taker" written on them.

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