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    Museveni sacks six over rot in education ministry


    Stephen Kafeero - All Africa

    Six senior government officials in the Ministry of Education have been relieved of their duties in relation to massive corruption, abuse of office, fictitious procurements and embezzlement of public resources spanning more than 20 years. The President has also directed that the Contracts Committee of the same ministry be "disbanded with immediate effect" in relation to the "mishandling of the process for procuring furniture for selected primary schools in Uganda under the Ministry of Education and Sports".

  • How to develop successful codes of ethics for higher education institutions?


    IIEP meets young professionals from Georgia, Germany, Moldova and Ukraine at the University Duisburg Essen

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    NAB to probe Rs4bn corruption in PM Education Reform Programme: Report


    New Desk - Pakistan Today

    National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials have started collecting evidence pertaining to alleged corruption and financial mismanagement of at least Rs 4 billion in the Prime Minister’s Education Reform Programme. The former prime minister had given at least Rs 4 billion to improve the conditions of 423 federal public educational institutions that come under the purview of the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) through the Prime Minister’s Education Reform Programme. Corruption and financial mismanagement has allegedly been done in funds allocated for paint jobs, furniture procurement, and construction and renovation projects.

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    School books in Côte d'Ivoire, a business that is turning into a head-ache

    Côte d'Ivoire

    Haby Niakaté - Le Monde

    Before each school year, the Ministry of Education publishes a list of approved textbooks, from which teachers will choose the ones they will use in class. For the 2017-2018 school year, the list is 30 pages long. There is big money in school books, explains a publisher who wants to remain anonymous. "Getting on the list is the Holy Grail, and no holds are barred. Imagine a little, it's a huge market, more than 5 million students! Everyone wants their share of the pie: authors, publishers, printers or distributors, even if the methods they use are not always legal.”

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    Prime Minister’s approval rating falls as Japan scandal grows


    Elizabeth Shim - UPI

    A school operator that runs the Okayama University of Science, owned by a close friend of the prime minister, has been linked to the zero-cost acquisition of city-owned property. The Prime Minister's office may have been involved, leaked documents show. The school was planning to open a veterinary department in Imabari in western Japan. A recently disclosed document claimed the Prime Minister was supporting the school "at the highest level," although the department had not received government approval to build in 52 years.

  • OECD Reviews of integrity in education: Ukraine 2017

    Education in Ukraine is marked by integrity violations from early childhood education and care through postgraduate study. In the past decade policy makers and civic organisations have made progress in addressing these challenges. However, much...



  • Six lessons learned on tackling corruption in Kosovo

    Shqipe Neziri Vela


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    Report unearths massive fraud in procurement of school books


    Ouma Wanzala - The Daily Nation

    A new report has unearthed massive irregularities in the procurement of textbooks for public schools, with head teachers playing a key role in the racket. The fraud ranges from forged signatures, delivery of phantom books, overpricing and single-sourcing of suppliers by instructional materials selection committees at the school level. Education Cabinet Secretary recently said that though the government allocated Sh10 billion for books in the last three years, most schools did not have the materials. He estimated that the pupil-to-book ratio stood at 5:1 in primary schools.

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    Schools advised to observe procurement procedures

    Tanzania UR

    Ambrose Wantaigwa - Daily News

    Rorya District Executive Director (DED), has underscored the need for various schools in the country to acquire some skills on the recently introduced Procurement ACT to enable them follow thoroughly the procurement procedures and avert public funds embezzlement. The call was echoed by the DED in a full council meeting whereby the session was informed that over 100m/- allocated to Buturi Secondary School had been embezzled and so far no arrest had been made.

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