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    Academic salaries, academic corruption and the academic career


    Philip G. Altbach - International Higher education

    If the academic profession does not maintain adequate income levels, academic performance throughout the system inevitably suffers. Academics must receive sufficient remuneration to live an appropriate middle-class lifestyle. Through an Egyptian example of university professors demanding sums of money to their students, this article deals with the inevitable consequences of inadequate academic salaries.

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    Revealed: Fake degrees

    Saudi Arabia

    Martin Croucher - Khaleej Times

    Last year 68 Emiratis were blacklisted from the US for buying qualifications from online "degree mills". Authorities at the time said that those caught using fake degrees could be punished with up to 24 years in prison. However, the problem persists. It is suspected that although the university is registered as a company in the US, the operations were in the Dubai, from where they send fake qualifications around the world

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    Higher education still suffering after the revolution


    Nadia El-Awady - University World News

    Egyptian higher education remains in a state of crisis after the 2011 revolution. Internal corruption, a lack of funding and student support and safety are among the factors adversely affecting students and the system. Economic, political, and physical insecurity in the country make it very difficult for serious changes to be made.

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    Moroccans unhappy with "ghost" civil servants


    Siham Ali - All Africa

    Young Moroccans are calling on the government to take action against ghost civil servants, particularly by replacing them with unemployed graduates. Young people criticized the situation, especially with the unemployment rate being particularly high amongst them and the government deciding to restrict access to the civil service.

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    Tunisia : Corruption – Report from the Ministry of Education


    A. Chraiet - La Presse

    The Minister of Education has prepared a report on his Department's activities in 2012. It focused on two main areas : the functioning of the processes in the ministry and the reform of the educational system. The report addresses a number of important issues in relation to the education system as a whole, including corruption within the ministry itself.

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    Rediscovering the power of trust: The case of education in Tunisia


    Mihaylo Milovanovitch - Transparency International

    Right after its inauguration in 2012, the then new Tunisian government reassured its electorate that it will continue to take the fight against corruption seriously. Numerous international partners were asked to submit their recommendations, and soon enough the authorities' to-do list becam very long.

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    Where corruption thrives: Public universities in Egypt


    Sarah El Masry - The Daily News Egypt

    Public universities in Egypt are institutions with multi-layered corruption – from sexual harassment to nepotism. The Daily News Egypt was intrigued by a recent corruption case in Ain Shams University and decided to look into the different forms of corruption directed at students at public universities. Students recount their experiences with corruption and propose solutions.

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    Arab universities must admit the cost of corruption

    Elizabeth Buckner - Al-Fanar Media

    A report released by Transparency International, "Global Corruption Report: Education," is the first report by the organization examining corruption in education. But the report hardly covers the issue at Arab universities.

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    Launch of Iraq's first anti-corruption curricula for primary and secondary schools


    - Relief Web

    The Ministry of Education has launched a new curricula for both primary and secondary schools in Iraq. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the concepts of integrity, transparency, human rights and honesty. The new curricula was designed by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the UNDP. This innovative initiative is the first of its kind to be introduced in Iraq.

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    SAT test cancelled in China, Macau over cheating fears

    Macao, China, China, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong China

    Mary Beth Marklein - University World News

    The United States firm that owns the SAT, a college entrance exam accepted by many US colleges and universities, cancelled plans to administer the test this weekend at centres in China and Macau following concerns that some students may have obtained information about questions in advance. Tests scheduled to be administered Saturday in Bahrain and Kazakhstan also were cancelled. Students in Hong Kong sat for the test Saturday as scheduled.

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