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    Graft mars educational goals: UN


    - Deccan Herald

    The IIEP/UNESCO report "Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done" has identified private tuition as a major source of "unethical behavior" in India, observing that it has become a major industry, consuming a considerable amount of parents' money and pupils' time. Together with private tuitions, two other major problems that face the Indian education system are the manipulation of entrance test scores and teachers absenteeism.

  • Newspaper

    Out-of school classes provide edge

    Korea R

    Sean Cavanagh - Education Week

    As the academic results improve due to a national curriculum that contains coherence and a continuation, the government is concerned with the fact that the increase of private tutoring expenses could open an edge between poor and rich students. Therefore, governmental online tutoring programs are being released in order to compete with the enterprises specialists in teaching services.

  • Newspaper

    Opec probes cram schools amid cheat row


    Dumrongkiat Mala - Bangkok Post

    The Office of the Private Education Commission (Opec) has set up a working team to investigate private tutoring institutes which allegedly provided hi-tech devices to students to cheat in entrance exams after three students who took entrance exams for the university's College of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy were found to have used video camera glasses and smartwatches to cheat during the exams. Opec will work closely and exchange information with Pak Klong Rangsit police who are investigating the case.

  • Newspaper

    Cairo University takes aim at unlawful ‘teaching centres’


    Ashraf Khaled - University World News

    Cairo University, Egypt’s biggest state-run academic institution, has initiated an action plan against thriving but unlawful ‘teaching centres’ in its vicinity, accusing them of “undermining the educational process”. The centres, located just outside campus, are accused of pirating academic books, producing sub-standard study guides and holding fee-charging crash courses for students. Academics, whose books have allegedly been pirated by the centres, say their complaints to law-enforcement authorities have not drawn a response.

  • Newspaper

    Reduce the education deficit in the Middle east


    Anne-Marie Slaughter and Lauren Bohn - l'Orient Le Jour

    The state of Egypt’s public schools is an essential indicator of the ways in which the Egyptian revolution has not reached its citizens. In fact, private tutoring has now become Egypt’s de facto education system. A number of teachers have admitted, unofficially, that they teach the strict minimum in class so as to be able to recuperate these same students in private tutoring sessions. According to some estimates, Egyptian families spend over 1 billion dollars in private classes to compensate for the poor level of education: a cost which comes to almost a quarter of the family income.

  • Strengthening integrity and fighting corruption in education: Serbia

    This first Integrity of Education Systems (INTES) country assessment was undertaken at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Serbia, following presentations of the assessment methodology to the Steering Group of the OECD Anti...

    Milovanovitch, Mihaylo, Bloem, Simone, Checchi, Francesco, Devine, Vera, Kalnins, Valts, McGuinness, Séamus, Poisson, Muriel, Roberts-Schweitzer, Eluned, Whitman, Ian

    Paris, OECD, 2012

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