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  • Tbilisi

    Corruption-risk assessment of the Georgian higher education sector


    Following a corruption-risk assessment, IIEP-UNESCO publishes a set of recommendations to improve the financing, management, and admissions of Georgia's higher education sector.

  • Newspaper

    Singapore uncovers 'high-tech' exam cheating plot



    - BBC News

    A Singaporean tutor has admitted to helping six Chinese students cheat in their 2016 exams in what prosecutors say was an elaborate plot. The tutor took the exams as a private candidate and FaceTimed questions to accomplices who then rang students and read answers to them, prosecutors say. The students snuck in mobile phones and Bluetooth devices and wore earphones during their exams. The plot was uncovered after an invigilator noticed unusual sounds coming from one of the students involved, prosecutors said.

  • Newspaper

    Universities to be punished for admissions ‘arms race’

    Korea R


    Aimee Chung - University World News

    As part of its drive to clamp down on excessive tutoring and elite private schools that prepare students for the best universities, the South Korean government has ordered almost a dozen universities to revamp their admissions tests to bring them more in line with the normal high school curriculum. The ministry of education has said it will look into punishing the universities who have violated the regulations, including a partial ban on recruiting students for the 2019 academic year. Meanwhile, the Korean Council for University Education found that more than 1,500 college admission essays submitted to universities last year were suspected of being plagiarised.

  • Newspaper

    Changes to HSC English exams will 'fuel tutoring industry'



    Alexandra Smith - Sydney Morning Herald

    Leading English academics and former HSC chief examiners have warned that plans to make HSC English exams shorter and put word limits on answers will make it easier for students to game the system and will "further fuel the HSC tutoring industry". The submission warns that the tutoring industry would benefit from the introduction of shorter answers because students would pay to be taught how to "memorise and then reproduce" 600-word responses for their exams.

  • OECD Reviews of integrity in education: Ukraine 2017

    Education in Ukraine is marked by integrity violations from early childhood education and care through postgraduate study. In the past decade policy makers and civic organisations have made progress in addressing these challenges. However, much...



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