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  • Newspaper

    96 Buenos Aires Police Officers Investigated for Falsifying Diplomas


    - El Clarín

    The public prosecutor for economic crime in Mar de Plata is investigating 96 officers suspected of using falsified secondary-education degrees in order to get promoted. He also stated that a preliminary report by the Buenos Aires ministry of education has confirmed that 250 such certificates presented by police officers are being checked and at least 96 are false.

  • Newspaper

    Education Ministry Warns Would-Be Teachers of Training Fraud


    - La Prensa

    The pamphlet announces the opening of courses in eight colleges and asks for 50 bolivianos to be deposited in a bank account. The ministry of education gave notice that the announcement was not official. The ministry has already given a cautionary notice to the general public via the print press on the falsehood of the information that circulated through educational establishments in La Paz.

  • Newspaper

    Teachers Demand Pay-Procedure Changes


    - La Razón

    In the first week of every month, teachers from the provinces and those from El Alto and La Paz have to queue from 6:00 a.m. or earlier for their pay; furthermore, they get shabby treatment and have to contend with people who make money by selling spots in the queue.

  • Newspaper

    Getting a Fake Degree in China Is Fast and Cheap, but not Always Effective


    Pascale Trouillaud - El Periódico de México

    In one hour, and for about 38 dollars, you can get a false university degree in China, but the enforcement of punishment is making it ever more difficult to use such fraud to find a job or get into a foreign university. The measures introduced by China have curbed fraud and many fake degrees are now detected through authentication procedures; however, some genuine diplomas have been awarded to bogus students.

  • Newspaper

    Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina Offers Masters and PhDs Unlawfully


    - Observatorio de la Universidad Colombiana

    A master's in education and a PhD in culture and education in Latin America that do not meet the legal requirements were advertised by a university foundation in Bogotá. Furthermore, the programmes, delivered under an agreement with a Chilean university, were not registered with Colombia's education ministry.

  • Newspaper

    Velasco Ibarra School a No-Man's-Land


    - Ultimas Noticias

    Le directeur provincial de l'éducation confirme que le principal d'une école du soir, au nord de Quito, fait l'objet d'une enquête suite à des soupçons de détournement de fonds et de harcèlement sexuel. Le principal, à la tête de l'école depuis 23 ans, a demandé aux étudiants d'acheter des uniformes et des joggings exclusivement à l'école ; en outre, il a embauché deux de ses proches en tant qu'enseignants alors que l'un d'entre eux n'avait jamais enseigné.

  • Newspaper

    School Year Starts, but Schools Still Not Ready


    Javier Estrada Tobar - La Hora

    Against the backdrop of the ministry's policy to make education free of charge, the 2009 school year has begun, beset by shortages of supplies, lunches, furniture, and some teachers in public schools and institutions. Not only did pupils entering the schools have to take or buy their lunch but they also got an extended playtime, as the schools lacked the desks and teaching materials for the few teachers who were in place to give classes.

  • Newspaper

    School Meals a Front for Scam


    - Prensa Libre

    Operaciones y Descuentos Diversos, S.A. (Oddisa), a company chosen to prepare and distribute school lunches is under investigation for misappropriation of funds and money laundering. The many transactions, including accounts in Barbados, Luxembourg, and Paris, plus reports from schools in the provinces that stores of school-lunch products were burgled and other warehouses burned down, made it impossible to recover records.

  • Newspaper

    Teachers Gorge Themselves in Honduran Schools


    - El Heraldo

    Investigations into the departmental directorate of education have turned up some revealing findings. Cases of teachers without the necessary profile to teach specialised courses, or an oversupply of faculty with no pupils to teach are two of the violations unearthed.

  • Newspaper

    Four Under Restriction on Charges of Fraud in Chiapas


    - La Jornada

    Three women are being investigated for asking 80,000 pesos from four people pledging they would get them jobs as primary teachers. The accused admitted that they had falsified postings notices for several years.

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