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  • The Quality of growth

    This book is in the spirit of continuous inquiry and feedback in framing development thinking. It is addressed to policymakers, practitioners, and others in developing as well as industrial countries. It reaffirms the crucial contribution of market...

    Thomas, Vinod, Dailam, Mansoor, Dhareshwar, Ashok, Kaufmann, Daniel, Kishor, Nalin, López, Ramón, Wang, Yan

    Oxford (UK), Oxford University Press, 2000

  • GTZ code of conduct

    The GTZ code of conduct comprises rules on how to deal with conflicts of interest and to avoid corruption. The message it sends out is that rather than seeing corruption as a necessary evil or a by product of work processes, there must be a strong...

    German Agency for Technical Cooperation

    Eschborn, GTZ, 2001

  • The Global corruption report 2004

    The Global Corruption Report provides an overview of the state of corruption around the world in 2004. It covers national and international developments, institutional and legal changes and activities within both the private sector and civil society...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International , 2004

  • Newspaper

    UMSA: Transparency in accounts management might dispel doubt


    Jose A. Quinteiros - El Diaro

    University Mayor de San Andrés announces more transparency in accounts.

  • Transparencia en educación

    Este libro incluye dos estudios sobre experiencias de mejoramiento espectacular de la transparencia y del rendemiento de cuenta en el uso de los recursos en educación. Estudio 1: la experiencia en el manejo del personal de la Secretaría de educación...

    Peña, Margarita, Rodríguez, Jeannette S., Latorre, Carmen Luz, Aranda, Paula

    París, UNESCO, 2005

  • The Global corruption report 2005

    The 2005 Global Corruption Report focuses on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction. It includes expert reports on: post-conflict reconstruction, with a detailed analysis of corruption in Iraq; the mechanisms of corruption in...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2005

  • Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: what can be done?

    Rigged calls for tender, embezzlement of funds, illegal registration fees, academic fraud - there is no lack of empirical data illustrating the diverse forms that corruption can take in the education sector. Surveys suggest that fund leakage from...

    Hallak, Jacques, Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2007

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