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    Bullying and harassment rife at state’s universities


    Geoff Maslen - University World News

    A survey of staff at South Australia’s three major universities has uncovered widespread bullying and harassment, with managers accused of being more concerned with their institution’s reputation than academic and general staff well-being. The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption survey received responses from more than 3,000 staff and one in five said that their university did not have adequate protections for those reporting misconduct and more than 10 per cent said their organization actively discouraged reporting.

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    Are universities closing ranks on sexual harassment?


    Kalinga Seneviratne - University World News

    172 cases of sexual harassment committed by students and staff have been reported in the past five years. A science professor left the university in September after sexual harassment allegations made by a female employee and NUS and the police launched investigations. However, in many cases, complaints might result in termination without disclosure, allowing the faculty member to secure a job elsewhere and continue his career.

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    Sexual harassment on campuses: Activists call for harsh penalties


    John Agaba - University World News

    Women and girl child rights activists are calling for tougher and broader sexual harassment guidelines at institutions of higher learning in Uganda to avert cases of lecturers and other university administrators taking advantage of the students they teach. After indecently assaulted a student in 2018, a former administrator at Makerere University has been sentenced to only two years in prison or he has the option to pay a fine of UGX4 million (US$1,080). The 2019 Annual Police Crime Report for Uganda tallied sexual violence-related cases, including assault and rape, at 1,528.

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    Science teacher’s art of fraud


    Pathikrit Chakraborty - The Times of India

    A science teacher is accused of working in 25 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya simultaneously for 13 months and taking home approximately Rs 1 crore as salary. The police arrested one of the multiple persons impersonating the science teacher, using her academic records. The minister of education ordered a probe into the records of all 746 residential schools for girls. A First Information Report on the charges of dishonesty, cheating by impersonation, forgery of valuable security, forgery for purpose of cheating, using a forged document, was lodged against her.

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    Challenges of confronting sextortion in Zimbabwe


    Muchaneta Mundopa - Voices for Transparency

    Transparency International Zimbabwe reports that many students are put under pressure to have sex for good grades, but when they bravely report this, justice is often hard to achieve. Sextortion in which sex, rather than money, is the currency of the bribe is not yet legally recognized as a form of corruption most universities in Zimbabwe do not have a clear policy for identifying and addressing such cases. There is no legal framework that recognizes sextortion as a form of corruption, and the police also have a limited understanding of it.

  • Business integrity toolkit for young entrepreneurs

    Corruption and fraud misdirect public funds away from the people they are supposed to support. The reality is that the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a broadly recognized series of targets for governments and society to achieve by 2030, are...

    UNDP, 2020

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    Nigeria lecturer suspended after BBC Africa Eye 'sex-for-grades' film


    - BBC News

    The University of Lagos has suspended a lecturer who was caught on film propositioning and sexually harassing an undercover BBC reporter. Several students in the film also made allegations of abuse against the lecturer. The university said it was "highly embarrassed" by the allegations and pledged to do "all that is necessary" to investigate and combat the "menace" of harassment at the institution.

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    The links between sexual harassment and corruption

    Russian Federation, Ukraine

    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    In Russia and Ukraine, discussion of sexual abuse is not welcomed. Nevertheless, faculty and staff are involved in exploiting and abusing students in many different ways like offering positive grades in examinations in exchange for sex. It is not only students who suffer from sexual harassment but also faculty and staff recruitment. Promotion is influenced by bribes or sexual favours as well.

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    UK universities urged to do more to tackle online harassment


    David Batty - The Guardian

    A report revealed that hundreds of university students had been disciplined or expelled for making sexually explicit, homophobic or racist comments on social media. In order to improve online safety for staff and students, Universities UK has published guidance for its members on how to tackle harassment including cyberstalking, trolling and sexting.

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